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McDonald’s Spot by Guilherme Marcondes

McDonalds spot by Guilherme Marcondes

It’s hard to make a bad commercial when you’ve got Guilherme Marcondes (Tyger) directing and Peter de Sève (Ice Age) designing the characters. Be sure to check out Peter’s blog where he posted a bunch of his character concepts.

Watch the commercial on the Hornet website.

Director: Guilherme Marcondes
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Producer: Greg Bedard
Lead TD: Arman Matin
TD & Layout Artist: Morgan James
Lighting: Ignacio Ayestaran, Erwin Riau
Modeling & Rigging: Daniel Williams
Modeling & Texturing: Ylli Orana
Rigging: Stanislav Llin
Color Keys: George Fuentes
Animation: Ken Music, Jamie Castaneda, Bill Burg
Compositing: Arman Matin & Allison Kocar
Particles: Jaymie Miguel

  • Johnnie

    Although I did enjoy the concept drawings on Peter’s blog. The commercial itself was only, just okay. A little low end feel to it for such a big client and probably sizable budget.

  • Thomas

    It’s a shame such great animation skills are used for such an evil corporation. Just sayin.

  • Phil McCavity

    Maybe off topic but, which characters are those in the happy meal?

  • BobT

    I’m pretty sure there aren’t toys based on characters in the meal.
    If it’s the same promotion as in my country (pretty sure it is) it’s about actual fish and the like.

    You get toys of actual sea creatures and things related to scubadiving.
    I don’t even know if it’s supposed to be a tie in to someting.

    I thought it was to promote that Disney Oceans documentary, but I can’t find anything that shows it’s for that.

    It’s really one of the stranger Happy meal promotions they’ve had.
    Which is probably why they have such an animated commercial for it featuring original cartoony characters that have nothing to do with the actual promotion.