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MTV ID “Balloons”

Dilcidio Caldeira at Paranoid in Sao Paulo directed this one minute station ID for MTV Brazil using images drawn on hundreds of balloons. They were popped by a needle-tipped camera, mounted on a dolly which traveled at a speed fast enough to pop and film 10 balloons each second.

Production: Paranoid
Director: Duldicio Caldeira
Photography: Alexandre Ermel
Animation/Illustration: Daniel Semanas
Sound Track: Hilton Raw

(Thanks, Kent Osborne and Grey Wears)

  • such a simple idea!
    and done with such enthusiasm.

  • Looks awfully similar to Don Hertzfeldt. Nice concept though

    • I’ve seen Don Hertzfeldt in person.

      He looks nothing like that.

  • tomm

    crazy stuff

  • Iritscen

    Awesome. They’ve invented popballoonimation.

  • uncle wayne

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my GAWWWRD! Granted, on THIS site we’ve seen animation done a million different ways….but never like THIS! Whatta Train Ride!!! Only on THIS site! I luv it!!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    At least somewhere in the world MTV is showing something animated.

  • Sat

    Woah! It’s great, it’s like a whole new form of animation. I wonder how often the camera was obstructed by balloon pieces.

  • Michelle

    Why did they have to go rip off Don Hertzfeldt? Ugh.

    • Why did Don have to go rip off stick figures!?!?

    • tonma

      MMMH… If it was a slightly more detailed kind of artwork (i.e. not just sticks and balls) Then I’d agree, but actually a million different high school kids could call rip-off from their notebook doodles just as well, also could Tim Burton :D. I don’t see the ‘Ugh’ here.

      • Michelle

        Nah. There’s a thousand ways to draw a stick figure. With colors, with noses, with ears: every person on Earth draws them differently. Yours will look different than mine. My mom’s will look different than my dad’s.

        As Chuck notes below, there’s no way these ad people did black and white squiggly figures with big bulgy eyes by mere coincidence. It’s a clear knock-off of a popular artist’s style. Or as the idealess corporate drones would call it, “an homage.”

  • Mem Ehhg

    Eadweard Muybridge would be enthused by this.

  • Chuck

    Do stickfigures have those big bulgy strained-chameleon-on-crack eyes ?

    Hertzfeld’s characters are simple but highly identifiable. Same thing for Tom Gauld for example.

    Hertzfeld doesn’t do commercial work, so whenever an ad reminds me of him, it also reminds me that what brands can’t buy, they’ll plagiarize.

    Still, nice to see Mtv surfing on that cool trend to just take an average piece of animation and put it in some sort of colorful context to make it “unique” and “fun” and “viral”.

    • Paul N

      It’s a lift of Hertzfeld’s style for sure. I’m surprised anyone is arguing otherwise.

      As for the technique – Awesome!

    • Yeah, I won’t say ripoff (yet) but “homage” definitely. And if you’re arguing it’s not exactly DH’s look well, you’re just being silly.

      Also, MTV once again proves it stays hep with all the cool cats in the streetz (notice cool use of Z) by spotting the latest trends. BTW, didn’t Rejected come out ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS AGO? Yeah, MTV, always on the ball.

  • Looks fun…like mythbusters crew decided to do an animation.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      To remind people that it’s not always done on a computer!

  • Beautiful!

  • Peter H

    Great (utterly insane) idea!

    The animation itself is irrelevant here – this is about projection technique as art.

  • Mr Gaines

    Why, oh why, did they have to rip-off Hertzfeld so on the nose like that? They wasted a brilliant excecution idea on a needless rip-off. Sad. Just comes to show how ad people think most of the time.

  • Jack

    This is another example of the stupid ‘one-up-man-ship’ that you see in animation. Basically trying to find the most awkward and time consuming way to create something animated. There are some truly creative, interesting examples of this sort of thing but in this case the balloons really don’t add anything in my opinion.

  • Rock and Roll’s about feeling it and the violent sound of the balloons popping against the German cowboy music is awesome. Who cares if someone tried to draw like Herzfeldt, look at Gobelins films and the Taiyō Matsumoto look-a-like characters they’re spitting out. Still making good films.

    No one does Herzfeldt properly but Herzfeldt.

  • I am smiling most broadly… thanks to this film