“MTV Top Ten at Ten” by Pepper Melon

Our friends at Pepper Melon, a motion graphics company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, sent us their latest project, created for client MTV Stockholm. I don’t completely understand what’s going on, and there is considerable live action, but it’s certainly visually arresting. Tomas Garcia directed and designed.

(Thanks, Fernando Sarmiento)

  • http://www.jinhienlau.com jinnaboy

    fixed gear bike you know. it’s totally the current generation

  • Toonio

    It’s visually appealing and story wise confusing.

  • christy karacas

    that’s awesome. i love the character designs!

  • Yolander

    It’s a nice demo reel, i guess

  • Michel Van

    a delightful Surrealistic video

    is that real background or HD CGI ?