“Mural Man” by Patrick Jean “Mural Man” by Patrick Jean

“Mural Man” by Patrick Jean

No doubt inspired by the graffiti animation of artist BLU, Patrick Jean (Pixels) directed this commercial for UK’s Passion Pictures, for client Credit Confidential. The live action was shot on location in Buenos Aires.

Director: Patrick Jean
Producer: Anna Lord
Live Action: Producer: Debbie Crosscup
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
CG Production: Manager Aline Ngo
2D Animation: Jerry Forder, Edward Hall
2D painting: Steven Lall, Alan Henry, Tony Clarke
Modelling: Ian Brown
Editor: Jamie Foord
Mural Design: Matt W Moore
Character Design: Yann Benedi and Celine Desrumaux
Music: Eclectic TV
Voice over: Kenneth Crannam

  • This is beautiful and well executed a very nice piece of animation. However it always leaves a sad aftertaste with if someone just takes an already existing concept and makes a commercial out of it… at least they could have pushed it a bit imao.

  • this is well done but just too similar to BLU to be worth noting. though i guess there is the argument that the wall and the public space used are just another medium, like paper or the computer…had to be a pain in the ass to get off the walls though. wonder what kind of paint they used.

  • CC

    Blu’s idea has been used before in another series of commercials by Future Shop (At least, I’m pretty sure it was Future Shop…I can’t find it, but it aired at the end of last year, especially around Christmas time). They, on the other hand, did it by computer.

  • it’s ironic how the commercial deals with taking credit for others work. but it’s well done and I always rejected the idea that people have to reinvent the wheel so that it’s of value.

  • Alex Printz

    is it just me, or does some of the skyscraper scene seem like it’s composited rather than all painted? Either way really nicely executed… wish they would have found some new stuff to do with the concept though.