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Musical Rollercoaster

Zurich Chamber Orchestra

Great music can be a roller coaster of emotion, both figuratively and literally. This new CG spot for the Zurich Chamber Orchestra is a conceptual winner. Watch a quality version on No Fat Clips. Wasn’t able to find production company credits for the commercial but the agency is Euro RSCG Switzerland.

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  • well, now….that IZZ some treat! For those who love music, roller-coasters, AND animation (which is pretty much 99% of MY Friends—how ’bout yOO?!!) …….

    Thank YOU, Mr. A. I have forwarded it to many a musician & performer!!

  • Mike Lucy

    we did a musical rollercoaster of the tv show Little Einsteins in 2003. It is exactly like this.

  • Charlie K

    Wow, that was simply amazing. The roller-coaster idea is excellent at conveying the thrills and energy that classical music has to offer.

  • Steve Gattuso

    You folks need to try the AudioSurf PC game, then. Nothing like playing with one of Beethoven’s symphonies to make for a challenge.

  • That reminded me of an animation done for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra by Tristam Sparks. He completed it around 2000 I think. I studied with Tristam at design school and I remember seeing the NZSO piece in a cinema in Wellington. I bumped into him later and ranted about this piece i’d seen and how people actually clapped in the theatre, it was then that he told me he’d made it. I had no idea.

    Won a stack of awards and they made a sequel. Both can be viewed from this page on Tristam’s site…


  • I loved it, and I have to say I’m a little jealous. I wish I’d thought of that one. Animation may very well be the best artform for visual interpretations of instrumental music. I’d like to see it done more often.