NBC Peacock ID by Nathan Love NBC Peacock ID by Nathan Love

NBC Peacock ID by Nathan Love

Nathan Love created this uncommonly appealing NBC station ID in collaboration with NBC ArtWorks, the on-air graphics department of the network. The source of its concept is clear, so I’m glad to see that Nathan mentioned it on the YouTube page: “Inspired by the infamous Spumco promos, as well as vintage NBC logos.” Frankly, I still prefer Spumco/John K’s version, but then again, I’m a sucker for funny, skillful character animation.

UPDATE: The animation studio Nathan Love commented about the production process on Motionographer: “It should be noted however, that this piece is entirely 3D, with the exception of the paint-stroke effect for motion blur, which was added in After Effects. We wanted to experiment with South-Park style animation, so in the end, every unique shape (expressions, head/body turns, etc), were all illustrated beforehand, and rigged in 3D.” There is also a behind-the-scenes video posted on Motionographer.

Client: NBC Artworks
Director: Nathan Love
Creative Director: Joe Burrascano
Art Director / Designer: Anca Risca
Animation & Rigging: Dan Vislocky
Additional Animation: Ryan Moran
FX Compositing: Sylvia Apostol
Sound Design & Music: Drew Skinner

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  • siemasko

    awesome design and character animation! this is a great spot.

  • Hey, terrific work!

    Everything in this spot works really well–
    the amusing walk, the little anticipation before
    eating the colored whatevers, the funny pecking
    and chewing, simple background and fine music.

    Congratulations to the crew at Nathan Love!


  • ha ha ha ha ha that is lovelly… great stuff… good funny proper… nice one

  • JMatte

    Loving the timing, the expressions, and pretty much everything else that Larry Ruppel already mentioned.
    Great work guys, brought a big smile to my day.

  • Roberto Severino

    That was great! Thank you, Cartoon Brew, for posting something that didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out, like that blasphemous Yogi Bear movie poster or those photographs of Larry Schwarz.

  • John Dorian

    NBC ID >>>> Anything NBC has on today. Period.

  • Karim

    Seriously great, I can’t believe it’s 3D!

  • Great!

  • Mike Luzzi

    This is really great design and great character animation. Kudos.

  • Anonymous

    Is it really that classy for the NBC peacock to essentially fart out its own tail feathers, though? I can’t but now imagine the logo as a bird spewing out a multi-colored mess.

    Terrific animation, but I’m probably thinking too hard about the message here.

  • Andy

    Very nice. But I’m with Amid on this one – John K’s was the best ever.

  • Rezz

    This is really great! I think I pref this one over John K’s

  • Thanks for posting this Amid. This is a great spot. That shot of the inside of the stomach is priceless.

  • Fantastic! I love it. I think that this ‘NBC’ might have a hope of becoming one of the big networks with this.

  • artiebilkmore

    farting in living color.

  • amazing!

  • Josh

    This over Spumco any day of the week.

  • Michael F.

    Awesome work; not only is it clever but it also showcases where NBC pulls its ideas out of.

  • The expressions on the bird are just so endearing. And the colored dots flying about in his belly made me laugh.

    Very cute.

  • Excellent! Great character design, humor and timing!

  • Awesome and funny:)

  • Caresse


    It warms my heart to see 3D being used effectively and subtly.

  • As much as I appreciate Flash’s “speedyness”.. this Logo pails in comparison to Spumco’s. So much more “life”.

    I agree with Amid, traditional animation has gone by the way side. You can try to mimic traditional in Flash, it comes CLOSE, but for me, it’s never cut it.

    Long live traditional!! :)

  • Great character! Very funny!

    Refreshing to see this kind of animated look.

  • I really like it…lovely retro look with a modern sensibility. And as another person observed, it suggests precisely what the vast majority of NBC shows seem to be pulled out of.