Nieto’s Nike Spot Nieto’s Nike Spot

Nieto’s Nike Spot

Luis Nieto

This new Nike commercial featuring British sprinter Nicola Sanders is a real winner, particularly in its artful execution. The mixed-media approach combines stop-motion, CG and live-action in a surrealist rainbow-colored package. It’s out of Wieden+Kennedy (Amsterdam) with direction by Nieto, model-making and animation by Brice Lartigue and lead VFX by Damien Martin.

The director, Nieto, is better known as Luis Nieto, who broke onto the scene with his student film Carlitopolis (2006). His subsequent follow-up–Prof. Nieto Show–gave the impression that he might be a one-trick pony, but this commercial, along with others for Sprint and Peugeot, prove that Nieto has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

  • Wow, pretty visionary stuff, a la Michel Gondry.

    His short in the most recent Animation Show was one of my favorites (the one with the bugs playing soccer, or something like that). I find his originality exciting and inspiring.

  • Chuck R.

    Apparently the political discussion is siphoning away comments from posts about real animation. It’s a shame, because Amid’s got some great links here —thanks!

    I love the Nike ad, and I agree it owes it’s success to it’s style and execution. If someone had sent me a storyboard of this with no indication of the style, I might have pooh-poohed it as being not hip enough for Nike. As it is —well done, Luis Nieto!

  • Chris Webb

    Carlitopolis reminds me of George Melies’ – what is about french guys using trick photography?