Nike “Love” campaign Nike “Love” campaign

Nike “Love” campaign

Nike Love

Nike Love is a new ad campaign that encourages fat kids to exercise. The website has three animated spots; they’re not particularly noteworthy pieces but a pleasant enough diversion.

  • intergalactic

    Nice…I imagine the boys and girls over at “Laika” are responsible for these spots?

    Really dig the clay-mation one, the cotton coming out of the lamp for smoke looked great. Nice start to the morning, thanks.

  • Charles Brubaker

    That third one, with the pig, was nice. I wonder who made that.

  • I really like the stop motion one (except for the music). The pig one was pretty charming too. The kid with the robot…

  • Darryl Hirschler

    Looks like the character ‘Smokey’ (a homeless crackhead) from “The PJs’… who says in one episode that he follows a strict diet of… nothing. Here is a picture of Smokey.

  • Art Binninger

    Now if they really wanted to teach kids moderation in their eating habits they would show a few clips of the projectile-vomiting Mr. Creosote from “Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life”. I saw that in the theater years ago and didn’t hear any popcorn munching or candy wrapper rattling during that sequence. Very effective.

  • Rob

    Eh, I think you mean TWO animated spots. The last one was real cool, they were just having fun instead of trying to teach me a lesson.