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Niquitin Spots by Genndy Tartakovsky

Genndy Tartakovsky

Motionographer offers up two colorful Genndy Tartakovsky-directed TV spots for Niquitin, the UK-branded version of Nicorette. Genndy had also created a Nicorette spot in 2006, produced through The Orphanage.

  • …wasn’t he directing the Samurai Jack feature these days?

  • Considering the nicotine receptor characters’ design and animation, I think it’s safe to say the Nicorette and Niquitin are the same product in different markets – Great spots though !!

  • These are great!! The color choices and character designs are inspiring.

  • Wow, those are fantastic! Such a great use of rich texture for the mood shifts.

  • Keith Paynter

    Nice color scheme. I can’t help thinking of Goofy in Motor Mania or the man listening to the radio in Disney’s Reason and Emotion when I see that image. I’m just tired of Flash.

  • wow those are great!! and dare i say rad?

  • In a perfect world, all commercials on TV would be this good. A true inspiration to me, this Genndy bloke!

  • red pill junkie

    Long live Genndy!! :-)

  • ahhhh, i was curious to see what they were up to these days at The Orphanage… :)

    Great stuff… Can’t wait to see what these guys are gonna turn-out next!

  • Every time that original Nicorette commercial plays in a new country, I get a spate of emails from people telling me that someone’s been stealing my images.
    Personally, I don’t see it really but it’s interesting that so many others have.
    It’s a nice spot whatever the case.

  • Bring on “The Power of the Dark Crystal” !!!

  • I’m with you Rafa. What’s the hold up there? I thought POWER OF THE DARK CRYSTAL was supposed to be out about now.

  • Ira Owens

    Sorry gang,

    I don’t care how cool these tv spots might be Genddy is way too damn talented to be wasting his time with “Nicorette” spots.

    I would much rather see a posting on the brew about what he’s been up to since he and his crew packed their bags and let Cartoon Network.


  • In a sea of boring adverts on uk tv this was stunning, good to see amazing 2d design (although there is cg in there – but its still has the style of the 2d artwork)!


  • David

    Is there still a Samurai Jack feature being made by Genndy Tartakovsky ? (I hope so, but after the initial announcement there hasn’t been much more reported activity on that film … maybe it’s all very secret , hush-hush …)

  • ira, “wasting his time?” what on earth are you talking about? THIS IS what he’s been up to since leaving cartoon network. what do you think he’s been doing aside from making a living doing what he loves to do and besides making some awesome commercial work?

    what do you really want from the guy?

  • I wish they would bring Korgoth back!!!

  • I thought the animation looked familiar!

  • These two newer TV spots feature more human characters than the first, which didn’t have any, which is nice. It offers those of us interested in the spot for more than its actual promotional purpose to take a look at how he uses color and music in a different production context.