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Olive Oyl sells sauce


A live action-animation TV commercial starring Olive Oyl has caught my eye. It’s currently airing as part of an advertising campaign for Prego Italian sauces. Renegade Animation provided the animation and our friend Darrell Van Citters directed the spot. Says Darrell:

Renegade has had a lot of experience in recreating classic cartoon characters for commercials (Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, SpongeBob SquarePants, and many others) and it’s a job we take very seriously. Our animators are cartoon fanatics and treat these characters with reverential care. For the Prego spot, we modeled our Olive Oyl after the character in the Fleischer cartoons.”

Olive’s ad is one in a series of five different ads for Prego in which a “flavorful” character wonders aloud about what spice to add to their simmering pot of sauce (other spots feature “Baby Spice” and Olympic Silver Medalist Lea Ann Parsley). Scott O’Brien animated Olive Oyl and actress Diane Michelle provided her voice. Keep your pop-eye open for it.

  • uffler mustek


  • Thanks for the link. I noticed on Renegade’s web site that they have posted a clip from their recently completed feature film “Christmas Is Here Again” . Interesting that they note:

    ” Renegade produced the animation entirely at its studio in Glendale,CA using its proprietary “paperless” animation pipeline. Additional feature film projects are under development.”

    In these days of most 2D animation projects being outsourced (at least everything past the storyboard and character layout stage is usually outsourced) this is quite an accomplishment and I hope this is a growing trend for the animation industry in the U.S.A.

    I’d like to hear more about that if you can swing an interview with Darrell.

  • John A

    Do they show her whipping up a pan of spinach lasagna for you-know-who?

  • Did anyone notice that Olive has 3 fingers and a thumb?! How weird to see that design with 3 fingers…

  • Yeah, I agree with Gabe, come on guys, watch a cartoon! haha! I mean sure it freaks me out that Popeye is one of the only 5 finger cartoons but still…it always has been!

    This commercial stuff like this with classic characters kinda bugs me, but then I guess so do a lot of things…

  • Uncle Wayne will love this! Food and Olive Oyl!!!! 2 of his favorites! :-)

  • I was waiting for this thing to pop up online. Watching tv not so long ago, my eyes were devastated by this disaster. Olive zips from one tell-nothing pose to another all over the kiten to the point where you have no idea what is goin on. “Our animators… treat these characters with reverential care.” Not even; the expressions are lacking that which the Fleischers gave her, and the animation doesn’t suit her at all. A character is more than just a design. “Renegade has had a lot of experience in recreating classic cartoon characters… ” She is not recreated at all — it’s like a completely different character.
    When I saw this thing on tv I was embarrassed to even have a jar of Prego in my cupboard.

    The animation and craftsmanship looks nice, by today’s standards, but they still completely missed the mark on this one. Take a look at the Popeye DVD.

  • Vast Opening.

    I think the animation on Popeyes wife is even more superior than the original fleischer cartoons. After i watched the tv spot, i was so hungry for Prego products that i switced from my usual brand of 6 brothers sauces and cheeses. Olive Oyl is making the food look so delicious through her poses…..WHO COULD RESIST? LOL! Good job . HOT!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Spongebob Squarepants… classic?

  • Marci Cameron

    I recently saw the commercial and lemme tell ya, Olive Oyl never looked better. And I just found the ad on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoKR3JcTEhU See for yourselves, nonbelievers.