Patrick Boivin Teams With Aardman For Nike Spot Patrick Boivin Teams With Aardman For Nike Spot
Stop Motion

Patrick Boivin Teams With Aardman For Nike Spot

Even if you don’t care about football shoes, this Nike commercial provides good entertainment value. Montreal-based filmmaker Patrick Boivin (of Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee fame) directed the stop motion spot starring a marionette version of footballer Andrés Iniesta. Aardman produced the animation, South Korea’s Coolrain created the figures, and Wieden+Kennedy (London) was the agency.

(Thanks, @eee)

  • Mel

    Amazing. Always been a fan of Boivin.

  • Spencer

    Patrick Boivin never ceases to impress. Aardman goes without saying. Amazing spot!

  • tedzey

    It’s a neat looking short, however something confuses me. If the charm of marionette puppets is that it’s a live action animation where people actively making the puppets move without doing it frame-by-frame, then why make it stopmotion? It just seems deceptive to indicate that it’s marionette puppetry when it’s really stopmotion. I love stopmotion as much as the guy next to me, but there’s also a charm to marionettes that isn’t done in stopmotion that isn’t being shown. IDK, for a consumer it just means a new sneaker is out on the market.

    • Marko

      I think the idea behind the marionette is to illustrate the idea that Iniesta’s play is so good and artful with his new Nike shoes that it may as well be a rehearsed stage performance.

      Its more like…animating a television set showing a piece of animation.

  • The amazing motion and moves would never be achieved with a marionette so do it stop motion and make people think it is a marionette. Only people really into animation would know the difference. Looks good no matter what and thank you to Nike for investing in animation once again. Pretty cool how Nike invests in Laika and then has Aardman do this spot for them. Seems like stop motion is taking huge strides nowadays, next up hopefully is 2d. Non of these art forms are dead and like stop motion it just needed some innovative and creative people to push it. I think 2d is next.

  • Mike

    Nifty concept, and Aardman’s artistry is impeccable as always. This is tops!

  • Toonio

    Jesus Christ this was so awesome! The guy hasn’t got enough praise for this.