Pink Panther Food animatic Pink Panther Food animatic

Pink Panther Food animatic

I had the pleasure to meet several Brew readers at my Dirty Duck screening, earlier this week in Hollywood. One of them, Jay Sabicer, gave me a reel of 16mm as a gift (note to others, 16mm film gifts always gratefully accepted!). On the reel was this curious animatic for an unproduced 60s-era commercial for Post Pink Panther Food (did this become Pink Panther Flakes?). Could this be the artwork of storyman John Dunn?

Since we recently featured a Post Road Runner Cereal commercial, I felt it only right to upload this one as well. Bon Appetit!

  • Yeah, the Post logo would suggest Pink Panther Flakes. I’m guessing that “Food” sounded a little too generic.

  • Gummo

    What strikes me about this is that the drawings of the characters are consistently funny to look at, even if they’re not doing much of anything. And, drawing on the unsubtlety of silent film comedy, the stereotypical head waiter is immediately identifable as such, not only by his voice, but by his look. Even a child who doesn’t know what a head waiter is would immediately get the type — pompous, clueless — and laugh at him.

  • Tory

    I want some, food or flakes. Mayhaps they didn’t have the cereal type decided yet.

  • Roberto Severino

    Sweet and pink finding, Jerry! Now I want some of this breakfast cereal myself. These drawings are simply delicious.

  • Bill Field

    Jerry- really curious- do you have a film chain that you use, or do you project it and do a tight video capture to upload the 16mm media? What a terrific animatic!

    • Bill – I have an old Elmo TRV-16G Film-to-Video Converter.

  • Kristjan

    Shame that they never produced “Pink Panther Flakes” as after looking at this hilarious commercial I wish I had bowl of the flakes now.

  • That was lovely, but sadly led me to something I wish I had never known existed!

    We had the Pink Panther Show on a loop in the UK during the 80s, but thankfully that never made it across the pond..!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Just be thankful you didn’t have this (like we did, and for me to have actually sat down watching this in my PJ’s 26 years ago).

  • Do they still offer the Pink Panther cigarette holder in every specially marked box ??

  • Salomon Fenix

    jerry beck: your opinions on cartoons, anime and pixar is the best!

  • Dr. Clysmok

    Actually, Post DID make Pink Panther Flakes. I actually had a box. The flakes were indeed pink. They turned the milk pink. While this sounds like the coolest thing ever, unfortunately the flakes themselves weren’t so hot. I think they were just unsweetened corn flakes, but in my memory they tasted awful. I wasn’t allowed to get another box of cereal until I finished it, and I was bummed because there was no way I could stomach that stuff. I think one of my sisters finally pitched it after a couple of weeks when my mom wasn’t around…

  • I know this is heresy, but I actually like the Jay Ward feel of this animatic better than the actual PINK PANTHER titles and shorts…because the drawings are so funny. Nice work.

  • I had those flakes too, in 1972-73. Not flakey..or too shabby..btw they were NOT strawberry flavored, as an old canard went anymore than likewise colored LEMONADE be any differently flavored.:wink:

    Actually pretty good. THe jingle was set to..yes, the Henry Mancini Pink Panther standard theme.

    Will wonders never cease.