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Pink Panther WTF?

Pink Panther FAIL!

I have no idea what they are selling, what they are doing or who made this insanity – and maybe its better not to know. This spot for what methinks is a Russian casino is so strange I had to share. Perhaps a reader can translate and explain. Oh, and is that the co-star of Cow and Chicken at the 13-second mark?

  • Wow My eyes and ears are starting to bleed from the damage inflicted by watching this video.

  • Jonathan

    I got misty eyed watching this. Truly moving.

  • Skip

    Best example of bad animation so far this year.

  • jaktheparrot

    AND the Smurf house

  • Mike Johnson

    I fully support the legalization of drugs.

    If I could take them, I might forget I saw this.

  • Toonio

    Flash type animation brought the art to the masses with unexpected results.

  • Justin Delbert

    Well I couldn’t understand a word they are saying until “a” (rather than “THE” in this case) Pink Panther said a curse word bad enough to bleep out. Oh, wait a minute, that’s right; the Russians don’t know the Pink Panther so they let him say a curse word or speak in general for that matter. As Jerry Beck once said, if you like the panther, you don’t want him to talk. Although you know what else, if you like the panther, you don’t want him around other “Pink Panthers” whether they’d be male or female.

  • WTF…….what this crap??????????????……..this is a JOKE or whatever?????????????
    but is not bad if compared this WTF STUFF

  • Jake D

    Can a team of Animators join the Peace Corps and PLEASE help China and Russia out a little? These..I can’t believe I’m actually going to call them this but..these cartoons are just sad! I mean what the hell is that on his ass? I’m imagining Arnold yelling, “ITSA TUMA!”

  • William Carroll

    Surely this infringes on MGM/UA’s copyright.

  • This stuff makes Video Brinquedo look like 40’s Disney.

  • Adam B

    You know, I just want to see the board room meeting that brainstormed this idea… no, not to see what this is or how it came to be. I just want to know what are those things?

    They’re not Panthers.

    Those aren’t Panthers.

    Those can’t be Panthers.

  • D

    Aren’t Russians usually really good at animation. What the hell is this.

  • uncle wayne

    i think even Henry Mancini said “wtf” from Above!!!

  • Al Jordan

    If you ask me, I think some trafficker out there in Russia managed to smuggle that brown acid that Wavy Gravy warned us all not to take, LOL!

  • Al Jordan

    @Mike Johnson: If you ask me, I think legalization of drugs is what probably led to this abomination! Clearly, we can see what an influence “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and other [adult swim] shows have had on contemporary Russian animation.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Just because Russian casino mobsters have more money than most, doesn’t mean they can hire competent people. My guess is any Russian animator with an ounce of self-respect wouldn’t touch an assignment like this.

    Probably a cousin or niece/nephew of the ‘family’ was given a buttload of rubles to put something together. The Pink Panther issue was probably remedied, at the last moment by making them insectoid after a cease-and-desist from Sony/MGM legal.

    31 flavors of dreadful.

  • Congress should pass some sort of act that stops this kind of online piracy…something to protect intellectual property!!

  • Who needs a translation? It’s perfectly straight forward.

    I blame the hipsters

  • Oh the copyright infringement.

    • Inkan1969

      For once I’d SUPPORT a SOPA prosecution…

  • There is no hope. Flash has now invaded Russia and with it the rise of the amateur animator who gets many of the jobs. Just keep it busy and no one will notice you can’t do a walk cycle. Nice to know they’re keeping up with the U.S.

    • Bob Harper

      Thanks for the insult, but some of us can handle a walk cycle and much more even when working in Flash. Unfortunately I think these guys used Maya to massacre a classic character.

  • Peter Wassink

    The Pink panther with antennas a human mustache and a wasp abdomen as a tail… it makes one think these people lost it a little bit.

  • Do they really think they can put war-related material on a Casino commericial?

    As immoral gambling may sound to some, the casino commercials we have in our area certainly don’t make fun of Hitler or Bin Laden.

  • Anon

    Now I’ve seen everything.

  • uncle wayne

    i remember (fondly) the days when CN’s “Adult Swim” (the midnight show) was a full hour of showing (the real) WB toons. Now THAT was entertainment!!!

  • Kristjan B

    Wow, I don’t know what to say other than WTF!

  • Eric

    at least its rich in detail… it just needed to be animated a little better, not infringe on copyright, and have an art direction… it has some cool stuff in it!

  • Inkan1969

    Curse you, Vladimir Putin!

  • Rufus

    As someone who knows what needs to happen in what software to make this happen: this makes me want to kill myself.

    This is puke.

  • sulis

    Ok, I’m Russian and I barely understood what’s all about. But I want to tell that this is a COMMERCIAL and there’s no need to judge it as ANIMATION. They advertise some casino, distort Ivan Krylov’s fable “Dragonfly and the Ant”. I agree, this is a piece of crap. But I think every country has such examples of bad taste, sense of homour and animator’s work.

    • ShouldBeWorkin’

      Okay, I sort of get it now, although it remains atrociously executed. It’s like The grasshopper and ant fable but instead the lazy dragionfly wins at the casino and the ant loses through hard work. Supposed to br ironic

      Here’s Russian animation of the fable from 1913

  • tedzey

    So which circle of hell did this spawn from?

  • Sillyweasel

    Yes, that does look JUST like Chicken from Cow and Chicken.

  • DCollard

    Capitalism wins again!

  • Retro00064

    I watched the video with the sound off when Jerry posted this.

    Are these characters the Pink Panther’s lost relatives? :-P

  • larry

    Pink panther has a insect abdomen and antennae,and yet he’s spraying the insects in his garden with pesticides? Was he involved in a freak accident in a genetics lab,and feels the need to rid the world of the creatures that remind him of his horribly mutated body?

  • Steven M.

    27 seconds in and I’m already angry. This has to be the worst commercial in history.

  • Jim

    I don’t get this mess at all. Just plain awful.

  • rnigma

    The video has been set to “private.” Perhaps it’s for the best, so fewer can suffer.

  • C. Augusto Valdés


  • Chris Sobieniak

    HAHA! The video’s gone private!

  • Late to the party again.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s for the best, you may never make it!

  • Vzk

    Did Doctor Legua direct this?

  • Some Guy

    If anyone wants to see it again (can’t imagine why you’d want to), here it is: