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Protesting Foie Gras at Euro Disney

Foie Gras at EuroDisney

As part of an online campaign to protest the serving of foie gras at Euro Disney, Jurjen Bosklopper and Mustafa Kandaz created an animated piece that features a couple of familiar characters preparing geese for the dish. The spot was created from start to finish in two weeks, and it’s a fine example of how to humorously and effectively communicate a message using simple well-planned animation.

(via Motionographer)

  • Holy crow! That was awesome. Really well executed.

  • Nice piece, very well designed and animated. So how do they feel about chicken ?

  • Pedro Nakama

    I like the design and I like the animation. What they left out was the high price for the foie gras.

  • I don’t eat foie gras anyway, and I’m definitely not gonna start now.

    Great little project. The end photo of how the animals are force-fed is a nice juxtaposition to the cute animation.

  • FP

    These guys should do an animated version of Frederick Wiseman’s documentary MEAT

  • Katella Gate


    First the Euros complain that Disney is an agent of American cultural imperialism, but when Disney incorporates “culturally sensitive” menu items at their parks, they are barbarians.

    Why is Disney being punished for honoring French culture and cuisine? Let’s ask Remy what he thinks.

  • Lube

    You don’t want to know what McDonalds uses to produce a pound of beef.


    YEIPS! This is totally one of the things I do my very very best to not think about… Part of me being me is being a carnivore. I won’t stop eating hamburgers and or fried chicken. So post these horrid cartoons, try as you will… I eat meat. But that poor goose had me in tears….thus “WE DO NOT THINK ABOUT THINGS WE DO NOT THINK ABOUT” Now someone please pass the ketchup…

  • Gobo

    So the French get angry at Americans when our restaurants stop serving foie gras out of compassion, and we’re told that the geese are well-treated and love their daily feedings. But then when Disney serves foie gras to French people IN FRANCE, the Dutch get mad?

  • Paul N

    I’m confused; Is EuroDisney the only place in France that foie gras is served? Did Disney create the practice of force-feeding? Is the foie gras actually produced on the park grounds?

    Oh wait; I get it – they’re just a convenient target. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog posts…

  • Tom

    F*cking foie gras is one of the more disgusting assaults on livestock in existence, right up there with veal.

    This is a great little PSA. I love it. Thanks so much for posting it.

  • Peter

    The end photo was gross.

  • Foie gras is one of my favorite special things to eat ever.
    So is veal.

  • Ryan

    It’s not saying Disney is to blame for foie gras, it’s the fact that it sells it there. Selling alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, I’m fine with that, but serving the fattened liver of Donald Duck in the Magic Kingdom? Nah.

  • I liked the Eyvnd Earle trees and interesting Donald Duck design. Honestly, the photo at the end made the greatest impression on me as far as making me disgusted about the foie gras process.

  • great piece,.. but….i love foie gras.

  • akira

    okey so it’s only cool to kill and eat some animals???

  • Ryan

    Killing and eating animals is fine, it’s just the method of preperation for foie gras is, to be frank, barbaric. Force-feeding a goose until its liver gets so fat it can’t walk, or even breathe in some cases.

    Contrast this to pigs and cows and chickens and stuff, who at least get a bit of space to stand around in, and eat what they want, before they’re killed.


    I wonder if deep down in the bowels of the theme park they have mouse traps? Now that would be an awesome investigative piece. (((SNAP!))) Poor Mickey Mascot caught in his own trap!

  • Hal

    WOW! That would be WAY more effective if it wasn’t so HILARIOUS! That fattened goose was hilariously animated! Unfortunately, there is NO part of me that didn’t enjoy that… a bit counter to the intent. Then again – never really been bothered about eating meat. Great animation, not such great propaganda for someone as jaded as moi.