“Pure Performance” Subaru commercial “Pure Performance” Subaru commercial

“Pure Performance” Subaru commercial

The animation in this Canadian commercial for the 2010 Subaru WRX STI was powered by the car itself. Kevin Adams produced the 760 frames of animation at Starz in Canada, Chris Tait directed. To see how they made it, check the behind-the-scenes production video here.

(Thanks, Michelangelo Cicerone)

  • now that is cool!

  • Steven M.

    That was a really great commercial!

  • JG

    Wow, that’s a very nice idea, very unique!

  • I didn’t expect the giant mecha crab! <3

  • Cool idea, though I’m not sure the commercial communicated what the audience is seeing, and I’m not sure it sells cars. But it did get my attention.

    I’ve seen successive frames of animated commercials on the walls of tunnels on the commuter rail lines in Washington DC and here in San Francisco. I have no idea how they overcome the motion blur. It’s very cool but no one seems to notice except me. Sometimes I’ll point it out to a stranger and they are amazed; but most of the time they think I’m annoying.

    • They mention overcoming motion blur in the making of video, and seemed like a combination of shutter angle, distance from the frames, and a precise speed.

      I’m thinking a commercial like this is one of those “repeat viewing” spots that gets a viewer interested enough to want to watch it again because it’s so different/odd, all the while the brand name is being repeated every viewing. It’s definitely a nice change from in-yo-face advertising out there.

      • You are right the camera shutter and car speed are the key factors. I mean I don’t know how they overcome motion blur when you look at a sequence of pictures from the window of a train. It sounds crazy but it works.

      • Some indoor lighting has a very brief “on” pulse during its 60Hz cycle. So it’s *possible* that if the train were going the right speed and the drawings were spaced right…

    • There used to be one of those in Brooklyn when I was a kid. (I heard it was recently restored, can anyone confirm?) Motion blur was not an issue because the tunnel itself was a giant zoetrope: the support columns inside act as shutters, only allowing glimpses of the wall when you see through them at exactly a 90-degree angle.

      • Just been to New York, and we saw one in a subway ride from manhattan to brooklyn. a combination of colors and geometrical shapes. really cool!
        that the one you mean?

  • If when you are in train and blink at the precise interval, open the eye just a fraction of a time till the drawing is exactly on your face, then the motion blur disappear. The speed of the Subaru and the distance between drawings was set to match that camera “blink” exactly.

    • Good luck blinking 24 times a second. Of course the train display worked on its own, no blinking required.

  • Anoniguy

    What a cool, clever trick!

    Haha, it’s very much the opposite of the old ‘moving background behind a still car’ film effect.

  • Great concept, and really impressive execution.

    …Plus, the STi is a bad machine! :)

  • Marco

    New concept?

    I guess it’s a mix of all that:
    2002 Jurannessic from Gobelin students
    then this
    2007 BMW serie 5
    and a touch of that
    Subaru transformers

  • Ryoku

    A Subaru outrunning a big spider… yea, thats why I should buy one, in case if mutated spiders chase me.

    Yet another overly-artsy ad and nothing remarkable as a cartoon, not to mention I’d take a Lancer first.