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Radio Nova Spot by Romain Segaud

Commercial by Romain Segaud

“Electro” (download 16mb file) is a stand-out commercial for French station Radio Nova directed by Romain Segaud (previously on the Brew). Segaud’s earlier student works like Tim Tom and Bip Bip displayed great promise and this latest spot continues the development of his unique digital style. I can’t wait to see where he takes it next. Character design on this commercial is by Laurent Nicolas, and the production company is Passion Paris. Complete production credits at

  • mike believe

    The production value is great however Laurent Nicolas was a bit over the top with the racist stereotypes even for a cartoon.

  • …and why does that guy on the Electro wagon at the end look like Michael Jackson? Is that intentional? Are they trying to freak me out?

  • It does looks fantastic. racism didn’t seem to stand out in the designs for me. Things seem more specific and critical of the music genres, racism didn’t seem to stick out. my humble opinion.

    anywho, cool video.

  • What a wonderful ad. I liked it.

    Radio Nova has been one of my favourite radio stations for years. You can listen over the net. (They play a whole lot more than “Electro”, despite what the ad may imply. The station changes by the hour.)