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Reel FX Begins Promoting Its First Feature “Free Birds”

Reel FX and Relativity Media are sparing no expense when it comes to promoting Free Birds, Reel FX’s first animated feature which will be released theatrically in November. At CinemaCon, the Las Vegas convention for theater owners, they unveiled a 3D-printed display of the film’s main characters, who are voiced by Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson. It certainly puts your average cardboard-based theater display to shame, and gives one optimism that they’re putting a high level of effort and care into the actual film itself. These photos of the display appeared on

(h/t, Sarah Marino)

  • That is certainly a very creative approach to a ‘poster’! I remember when The Simpsons Movie was released they had a physical Simpsons couch in some theaters. Complete with characters! Very fun idea! :)

  • Dana B

    Wow, you don’t see those anymore, or even ever if I recall. Wouldn’t mind checking this out myself in person when it hits theaters. It’s too bad my local theater doesn’t display movie standees and even banners anymore. I have no idea what that was about…

    It definitely looks like they will go all out on advertising for “Free Birds”. Now if only a little feature called “Frozen” wasn’t being released at the same time…

    • RickyB

      4 weeks later, timing seems good to me.

      • Dana B

        Ah, okay. Didn’t realize that at first…

        Well, with good marketing and (hopefully)positive buzz, “Birds” may become quite a hit with some strong legs for the holiday season! We’ll see what happens then…

      • Dont’ forget that this is a Thanksgiving movie about Turkeys. Going into that last week of Novemeber there could be a nice uptick in ticket sales for families looking for a holiday themed film. Word of mouth will play a big part in that as well.

    • Jen

      There isn’t another animated/family feature coming out for four weeks. They should be good to go :)

  • Tim

    Is this page appearing in mobile mode for any other laptop users?

  • Deaniac

    It’s hard not to admire how much effort is being put into the advertising campaign. Hopefully this film itself will live up to the hype.

    I noticed there are no production logos at the bottom of that poster. Is Free Birds being distributed independently?

  • I like the character designs.

  • Zekey

    some lucky movie theater employee is gonna take home a free super-detailed statue of two cartoon turkeys once this film has run its course. godspeed, whoever you are.

  • Natalie Belton

    Smart move, changing the name to this from “Turkeys”. It’s at least slightly more original.