Russian viral ads <em>Versus</em> Russian viral ads <em>Versus</em>

Russian viral ads Versus

A series of Russian cartoon ads for some sort of crunchy snack called Xpyc Team have been posted on You Tube. The stick figure animation is really creative, and the minimalist sound effects are wacky and fun. The series is called “Versus”, and each one pits two fictional/nonfictional characters against each other. Russia’s Red Medusa studio made them.

Below is Neo Vs. Skywalker. Among the many others are Beetlejuice Vs. Jack Skellington, Frankenstein Vs. D’Artagnon and King Leonidas Vs. Chuck Norris.

(Thanks, Tushar)

  • Juan A

    Very funny!By the way it’s Jrus team(beats me how you pronounce it but that’s what it sez in cyrillic)

  • That was great! Now I’m hankering for some Xpyc Team.

  • Haha, I miss good stick figure fighting! Great touch with the mouthed sound effects too.

  • Artisticulated

    The best thing I’ve seen on here in a looooong time. Great idea. Greater execution.

  • Aw, that’s great.

  • ekuska

    hats off to simple, creative animation. love it!

  • Hal

    If you can find it, the CONTRA VS TETRIS one is the best imho.

  • Agree with Hal, CONTRA vs TETRIS is made of awesome and clever.

    Bet’cha thought I was gonna say “win” didn’t you! Well, it’s better than that!

  • kartoshin

    Privet =)

    XpycTeam is a kinda play on words. There are two words here – ‘Xpyct’ and ‘team’.
    ‘Xpyct’ (Хруст) should be read in russian (it is pronounced as ‘Khroost’) and it is translated as ‘crunch’. And ‘team’ here is an english word.

  • Juan A

    thanks for the pronunciation help!I thought it would be pronounced like a “J” as in Xotabn(ch).I guess the japanese are not the only ones combining their language with english.