Save Taz! Save Taz!

Save Taz!

And now, no joke, a Public Service Announcement:

Apparently Warner Bros. is supporting the effort to Save the Tasmanian Devil by donating the character (and a bit of animation) to the cause.

(Thanks, Dave Carter)

  • No Jerry it’s not a Joke also the Tasmanian Governments tried Numerous Times over the years to use Taz in its Save the Devils Campaign as well as for Tourism but the asking price for the Licence Fees from Warner Bros have been Way to high!! Simon Baker is also Tasmanian by the way!

  • The Taz sounds heard are the original Mel Blanc recordings (possibly from “Devil May hare”). Save Taz!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Well at least they got to use him here. We can only hope it may help to prevent yet another endangered species from falling into the Big Book of Extinct Animals.

  • I think it’s a great move on WB’s part. Let’s hope that it helps the cause!

  • matt

    Yes agreed, but wtf was with that background music?!

  • The Tassie Devil was in almost plague like proportions when I arrived in Tasmania nearly 10 years ago.

    The public perception of these creatures is mostly misinformed.
    They’re actually relatively docile (and very docile during the day).

    I hope they find a solution to this awful problem (which is only the second biggest killer of devils – the first is cars), and that the devils don’t go the way of that other famous extinct Tasmanian – the Tasmanian Tiger.

  • William

    I certainly hope it helps. The cancer is a horrific facial tumor that spreads easily from devil to devil. I believe two insurance colonies are being fostered, but the case of wild devils has been severe for years.

    Nice of WB to jump in.


    What about the bugs?

    doubya doubya doubya dot save buggs dot cawm