Scary Green Giant Scary Green Giant

Scary Green Giant

Stop motion animator/historian, Ken Priebe, thinks he has found the creepiest puppet animation ever:

  • That was wonderful.

  • Micah Baker

    The Giant! He’s… why, he’s maaad! Mad I tell you!

  • uffler mustek


  • Bob


    That’s pretty scary, man!

  • fishmorgjp

    AAAH! He’s going to eat us! No wait, first he’ll process and can us… and THEN he’ll eat us!!

  • RR

    Is it just me or does the giant’s face look like Bill Plympton?

  • uncle wayne

    no….he moves exactly like the [first] monster in “Jack the Giant-Killer!” Is it not the same (non-Harryhausen) animator? Anyone know!?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    God, I can see someone use this in an upcoming “YouTube Poop” vid!

  • Robert Schaad

    He’s presenting the gift of sweet peas and niblets to claymation…sorry dynamation Medusa. Wait! Don’t Look!

  • Yo ho WHOA.

  • That was great.

  • Gerit

    He looks beyond jolly –more like a hallucinatory rictus grin. Keep the creepy stuff coming. It’s the best.

  • NOT as scary as Len Lye’s “The Peanut Vendor” (posted on YouTube courtesy of Ken Preibe) , but darn scary all the same.

    If you haven’t seen “The Peanut Vendor” , well, you’ve been warned ,but here’s the link:

  • Chuck R.

    I’m going along with David. Nothing’s creepier than that monkey.

    The Green Giant sort-of looks like singer/talk-show host John Davidson. Here’s proof.

  • Everything about this commercial shouts “I WILL MOLEST YOU WITH THESE CANS OF BEANS”

  • Shmorky

    Good god, those eyes!

  • eeteed

    i seem to recall reading somewhere that this was animated by these people…

  • Just checked out “the peanut vendor”. Wow, that was fantastic, funny and creepy. ‘Really delivered the goods. Ranks up there with Charley Bowers’ “Wild Oysters”. Thanks man!

  • It’s not that creepy although he does look like Gary Sinese

  • Florafauna

    Let’s compare:

    Giant: has no soul
    Monkey: has detachable tail, freakishly long arms

    Giant: lecherous grin + vegetables
    Monkey: no eyelids + singing

    Giant: tries to entice you with canned vegetables
    Monkey: tries to swallow your soul…

    It’s a tie in my estimation. I will have nightmares about both.

    Thanks Cartoon Brew.

  • Russell H

    I read somewhere that this was the only Green Giant commercial in which the Giant is actually seen walking. It was determined that audiences found this to be too “menacing,” so in all subsequent commercials to this day, the Giant has always been shown just standing in one place.

  • I love it!

  • Hooper

    GAH! The Green Giant always creeped me out when I was a little kid in the ’60s. Thanks for the memories.

  • Geo

    Anyone else find it ironic
    that the Mickey Rooney Show was brought
    to by the Green Giant?

  • John A

    One thing you need to know about the Jolly Green Giant: It’s a good idea to politely decline whenever he offers to introduce you to “The Little Green Sprout”.

  • K.Borcz

    whoa! That was crazy! I don’t even have sound on my computer at work!!!

  • Robert Igoe

    Legend has it that parents used to call the network after the ad ran because his terrified their children. Personally, I used to get freaked out by Smokey Bear when I was a kid. I mean, hell, he was a flipping grizzly and I always wondered what he did to people when he caught them being careless!

  • Along with this and the “Peanut Vendor”, I sense a huge amount of nightmares coming our ways.

  • Jim C.

    That peanut cartoon is definitely creepy. Most of all the closeups starting at about 0:38, and especially when it comes back into frame from the left at about 0:55. It reminds me of the “sponge monkeys” at

  • El

    I had to watch it twice before I realized that he’s meant to be tossing the cans up in the air and catching them again. I thought it was some strange green giant hoodoo that made them disappear.

    That said, I don’t think he’s my best friend in peas OR corn.

  • tom

    I loved that!

  • Quiet_Desperation

    What babies! He’s friendly! He just wants to give you some tasty corn.

    I admit it’s a ten story high can with a noticable gravitational field, but, you know…

    The only thing that ever creeped me out as a kid was the big Martian head in the sky in the movie Five Million Years To Earth (AKA Quatermass And The Pit).

    This is the best online image I could find.

    Oh, and the giant spider in Angry Red Planet:

  • mwb

    Awesomely creepy.

    And they wonder why kids don’t want to eat their vegetables!

    “Must not eat vegetables or the giant will get me…”

  • Hi uncle wayne,
    I felt the same way about the commercial. I believe the giant was called Goramon and he was animated by Jim Danforth when he was only a teenager. Now, have you ever seen the version that was converted into a musical? Truly bizarre. Jack was played by the recently departed Kerwin Mathews, he was one of my favorites.

  • uncle wayne

    Hey, Steve! I HAD seen “the musical”….which made me about as angry (& unthinkably appalled) as paying $108 for a gas tank. I recently saw the (real) film on TCM. Talk about a grand memory….and a great film!

    Thank YOO for your reply!

  • Ron

    That was excellent!!


    Ummmm…sorry but he has that pedophilesque grin… CAN WE SAY CREEPY!
    Sorry but that’s what came to mind…

  • Cody

    Chris Sobienak, your vision has been confirmed. Here is the YouTube Poop video that features this Jolly Green Giant (now more menacing than ever!):

    Youtube Poop: The Green Giant has Seized the Corn!

  • Noah Berry


    I thought they destroyed all these copies decades ago, Looks like someone gained access to the russian spy trawler archives from when they were listening to america off the coast of los angeles in the 1950’s

  • David Johnson

    Hello, I was the one who posted the video on YouTube; they deleted everything I put up there due to copyright infringment three times, so now it’s on Dailymotion: