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Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” trailer

Seth MacFarlane’s first full-length feature is a hilariously raunchy mix of live action and CG animation. Mark Wahlberg stars as John Bennett, “a grown man who must deal with the cherished teddy bear who came to life as the result of a childhood wish…and has refused to leave his side ever since”. Universal will release Ted on July 13th. The following is an R-rated (for language) redband trailer – you’ve been warned:

  • PresidentTheodoreRoosevelt

    Awful. I’m spinning in my grave.

    • Oh, come on. It’s nice to see something a li’l different from the normally staid and stoic TED talks.

      (And that ‘white-trash names’ bit is gonna pop a lot of teen moms’ bubbles.)

      • TED was kicked out of the Furry academy already during the first week!

        We are scared about what impact this documentary about his life might have on man kind!

        Please do not see this movie!

        Kind regards,
        The Furries in The Happy Club

    • TED was kicked out of The Furry academy already the first week!

      We urge you to not see this documentary about his deprived life!

      We fear what effect this will have on the wellfare of man kind.

      Kind regards,
      The Furries in The Happy Club

  • In my dreams I am the fool. Its me.

    “April 2”
    Oh dear.

  • Dan Kyder

    So the entire humor base is the fact that a teddy bear is swearing, doing drugs and making sex jokes?

    That will definitely be funny for the whole hour and a half…

    • Funkybat

      Seems like it might be in the vein of “Paul,” but with a teddy bear instead of an alien. Of course, this is coming from Seth MacFarlane rather than Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, so I’m sure the overall tone will be….different.

      One thing I liked that was a little surprising was that Mark Wahlberg’s character seems to be completely comfortable with Ted being part of his adult life, and having him around in mixed company. Compare that to so many other “imaginary/magical friend” movies, where the main character is embarrassed or tries to keep the existence of the Special Friend a their significant others/rest of the world. I like that it just seems to be taken for granted that Ted is his friend and peer.

      Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to checking this out, at least more than I am the “Flintstones” reboot.

      • didn’t care for it.

        Unlike Paul, I hope this doesn’t have a forced heavy handed political/religious message grounded on one sided views and oversimplified stereotypes.

      • AJ

        I like that Seth is trying to make animation more adult acsessable. Thats great and all but, can’t he tell more mature or intelligent jokes.

      • If you’ve been following him as long as I have, you know the answer: no he can’t, or he would have learned how by now.

        “Unlike Paul, I hope this doesn’t have a forced heavy handed political/religious message grounded on one sided views and oversimplified stereotypes.”

        I can’t tell if this comment is sarcasm or not, because Seth does that all the time. Especially the stereotypes. The man’s never seen a bigoted caricature he didn’t embrace.

  • Roberto

    While it still has the same long dialogues that try tooo hard to be raunchy & clever, I actually kind of find this funnier than most of his full animated shows. Mainly cause here I don’t have to stare at the horrible rigid animation.

  • take every man-child escaping from responsibility trope thats been played out since 2006 and MAKE IT WORSE by adding in useless CGI. reap in 150 million dollars opening at the box office ? i dunno. we live in a scary world.

    this is so lazy, this is exactly stepbrothers but instead of the actual charm and presence of John C Reily you have a CGI character which was DESIGNED to have as little expression as possible..

    also, it does NOT even try to build the movie on the fact that theres a living breathig teddybear walking around, it just treats that whole premise as a overly long unwelcoming self important fratboy /family guy gag. i can see how Joe McSchlub will love it now “YOU DONT GET IT MAN, IT’S PRECISELY BEACAUSE PPL TREAT THE BEAR NORMALLY THAT IT’S “IRONICCCCCC” . no you fuckwit, its called lazy writing.

    trash trash trash trash trash.

    • Ryan

      I thumb’d up this comment above because my good pal jinnaboy already covered expressing pretty much everything that I wanted to with his comment here. Well done *High Five*

    • Gobo

      You’re certainly assuming a whole lot about the movie from a trailer. Maybe it’s me, but I wasn’t able to gather the entire scope of the movie and how the bear is treated in it from the few bits we see here. I’ll wait to see more before declaring it “trash trash trash”. A few goofy gags don’t make for “lazy writing”.

    • Trevor

      Or you know, sometimes people are going to like things you don’t like. It’s ok

    • B.Richards

      Good job on these observations but is the precedent “Harvey” (which is now opening again on Broadway)? Can’t imagine how this will be better as full length. The trailer , like conceptual art, gave me the whole idea.

    • Josh

      While most of it is like that, I did like the “Thunder Song” scene. The bear is obviously comforting him in the way you comfort a frightened child, but their vocabulary has “matured” in the way your vocabulary matures when you get older but don’t really grow up.

      The rest felt like they weren’t writing the bear any differently than Frat Boy Sidekick #12, but still, I give at least that tiny sequence some credit.

  • Gary


  • Ryan

    I wonder if we could ever get an obnoxious inserted CGI major character death match happening, Ted the teddy bear Vs Paul the alien in a 1 on 1 WWE style grudge match. Their opening act can be a Gollum Vs Dobby slap fest.

    Aaaah the ‘entertainment’ industry.

  • MissConception

    Oh Seth MacFarlane… always a class act.

  • I think I’ll wait for the reviews. Then I’ll catch it on Netflix.

    • Steve Gattuso

      Right after having my eyes gouged out and my ears perforated…

  • J Lee

    Does Bobcat Goldthwait do the bear’s voice?

    • wever

      It’s not April Fool’s Day anymore, there, Champ.

  • Nice to see so many Seth mcFarlane fans here :P

  • Steven M.

    Just plain NO!

  • It looks and sounds awful.

  • Jm

    As long as they don’t do any of those random Serh McFarlane “I remember that time…” cuts ,everything’s all right.

    I Admit this trailer was funny.

  • I saw a short film (animated) with a very similar premise last year… I can’t recall where it was produced — Russia? Germany? — but had something to do with the premise of opening up and then locking away your dreams/imagination as you grow older (represented by eventually locking the teddy in a suitcase under the bed). If I recall correctly, the character’s son/daughter eventually finds the suitcase, and the entire story begins again.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    And the basic premise differs from McFarland’s animated series … how exactly? This is like hanging the weight of a motion picture on Tim the Bear from “The Cleveland Show.” Next he’ll be making films featuring Klaus from “American Dad” and Brian from “Family Guy.”

    • Funkybat

      Actually, Ted seems more like Brian the Dog (treated normally by society, to the point of getting a job with humans) but with Peter Griffin’s voice and level of social sophistication, with a little Quagmire thrown in.

  • Max

    I admit that I actually like the idea of a spin on the “What if your dream comes true for far too long” question, and that I found this funnier than any of those Family Guy Star Wars specials.

  • Jack Ruttan

    It looks like “the mixture as usual” from the creators of Family Guy (profane funny little character), but you have to admit it’s done well for what it is.

  • So…a love of big band music, 1930s-to-1950s pop culture, and science fiction, and this is the crap Seth MacFarlane regularly comes out with? Are the studios forcing him to make films like this, or is Seth MacFarlane the 2000s/2010s version of 1970s/1980s Hanna-Barbera?

    • Funkybat

      I think Seth would have to self-finance the kind of projects many of us (and probably he too) would like to see. Something that played up the big band/Rat Pack era, crossed with sci-fi and retro pop culture references would probably be a lot of fun, but it’s hard to make something like that sound marketable to mainstream audiences in an elevator pitch.

      No one in Hollywood is going to greenlight a Seth MacFarlane retro-geek fetish project when he’s proven to be so successful pumping out profit via the more run-of-the-mill crass, snarky humor. Matt Groening and Co. were barely able to keep Futurama going all these years, and he’s the freaking creator of The Simpsons…

      • Tak

        Oh the wonderful mirth of the lack of finance.
        I saw some crazy guy in a featurette shouting “Do it do it do it maaan.” I think he ended up doing pretty well… took him a long time though.

  • wever

    Lotso got his own movie! Run for it!

  • christy

    i wish seth mcfarlane would go away.

  • This looks suspiciously like Imagine This!, a webcomic by pal Lucas Turnbloom. Similar premise…a little to similar. http://imaginethiscomic.com/

    • lightsabermario

      No no no, the webcomic that this is a ripoff of is Sam and Fuzzy! Except with all the actual comedy removed and replaced with McFarlane “humor”.

      • Denis

        No, I think it’s “Imagine This: The Movie.”

  • Joe G

    Gives Care Bears a bad name.

  • The first half of the trailer looked good then the second half pretty much turned into a series of rejected Family Guy gags. I wonder how many extended gags, cheap nudity and/or gay jokes and Star Wars references will be there.

  • Nice to see that the success of THE BEAVER spawns more gold. Looking forward to seeing it on cable tv.

    • I actually liked The Beaver quite a lot. That was certainly one movie that was impossible to predict from its trailer.

  • Toonio

    To rephrase the ad campaign, Ted is Real??? WTF.

    That bear looks like a serial rapist and some of the facial expression are way too creepy, what were they thinking?

  • Pedro Nakama

    This is an April Fools Jo…… oh wait. That was yesterday.

  • Just terrible. It’s “Har har, that teddy bear is swearing” type humor, which is less humor and more idiotic drivel.


    Well, I’m thoroughly impressed by the acting ability of Mark Wahlberg, though. Rattling off those names is pretty dang impressive if they did it in one take.

    • Snagglepuss

      You’re more impressed by name rattling off than calling Thunder “God’s farts”!?!?! For you man, I have pity!

  • Jim M

    I don’t like MacFarlane’s shows, but genuinely liked this trailer.

    The animation on the teddy bear was pretty understated and acted realistically. Not bad.

  • D

    This looks about as well written as Family Guy. I loved the “thunder is God’s farts” joke – that was brilliant, no 12 year old could have written that! Seth is a genius, I have no doubts that this film will sweep the Oscars.
    In case no one noticed I was being sarcastic.

  • Hm. That looks just awful.

  • The film looks like a lot of fun, but I hate the fact that the bear’s voice is exactly the same as Peter Griffin’s. Seth MacFarlane is a super talented voice actor and it seems odd that he didn’t give the character a more unique voice, or get someone else to do the role.

  • ben

    What upsets me is people follow Seth like he is a genius. The guy has been pissing on animation ever since he brought Family Guy back (the first three seasons of Family Guy were very good, but afterwards meh). Companies just hand him money to make the same joke over and over again and people follow along.
    I just wish companies would take advantage of how great animation truly can be with great story, characters, etc. Instead we get this crap. Thanks a lot Seth, just keep pissing on animation from your money pile…so excited to see how you re-craft the Flinstones for the modern audience you built for yourself!…douche. Get some original ideas.

  • ROFFLES, I love this. Mention Seth MacFarlane’s name and everyone has a self-righteous tirade.

    • And, of course, half of you guys can’t even spell his surname correctly even when it’s right in your browser window!

      BTW, it’s been done.

      • DC

        I just can’t bring myself to care enough to get it right.
        Ironic you should mention self-righteous tirade. That’s basically Brian in a nutshell.

  • Justin Delbert

    What the Yogi Bear movie would look like if Seth Macfarlane worked on it.

    • Funkybat

      This looks a hell of a lot funnier than the Yogi Bear movie, which is pretty sad when you think about it…

    • Sarah J

      I’d probably watch a Seth MacFarlane Yogi Bear movie, if only out of morbid curiosity.

  • Dino

    This is a whole lot of vitriol for a guy who has, crassly or no, has helped expand the mainstream perception of animation from cutesy-pie kiddie fodder to entertainment for adults (or at least man-children). If you prefer to watch singing princesses, that’s fine. If you find McFarlane an insufferable douche, that’s fine too. But the knee-jerk, panty-twisting dogmatism of the anti-McFarlane bandwagon makes it no smarter than Family Guy fandom. Say something new, people.

    • “Something new, people”.

    • “Man-children”. Love it. XD

    • lightsabermario

      See, that’s it right there. MacFarlane has done nothing to make animation appear mature to the mainstream. Mature does not mean “adult humor”. Adult means serious matter, something that can be respected. Family Guy and its like may be extremely funny at times, but not once has it been respectable. The adult mainstream doesn’t view animation any better now, they just see it as residing in two different extremes of kids entertainment and raunchy humor, but both childish. People who remember Batman:TAS and other Bruce Timm superhero shows, as well as Avatar the Last Airbender, and of course anime fans know how competent and mature the medium of animation can be, but the omnipresence of MacFarlane works recently is undermining that, not helping.

  • Scarabim

    This looks like a more adult version of that recent Muppets movie, and unfortunately, just about as funny.

    • wever

      1.) The comparison doesn’t quite hold water, as this teddy bear is entirely CG-animated, instead of puppeted on the set.

      2.) ‘The Muppets’ was funny.

      • Scarabim

        Oh, the bear is fully CGI, not a puppet? I guess that’s why it looked so convincing.

        Don’t rag on me because I thought the Muppets movie sucked. I watched it in a theater where not one laugh was heard. Not a chuckle. Restless kids too. 10 bucks down the drain and childhood memories tarnished. You think I’m alone in my opinion? Any of you guys seen the recent Kid’s Choice awards on Nick? Notice what movie beat the Muppets in the best movie category: “Chipwrecked”. Didn’t see that one (no way) but I bet it kept the kids in their theaters seats, unlike Kermit and co.

        And I think the Ted and Muppets comparison is fairly valid. Fuzzy fake stuffed pal keeps human child-man from growing up. The difference: in one movie, immaturity is shown by devotion to old puppet show. In the other, immaturity is shown with over-reliance on curse words. Neither can be considered brilliant cinema. JMHO.

      • Roberto

        So…are you against The Muppets in general or just the new movie?

        Also hating on puppets just because they’re childish and inmature (if that’s your point) is just like considering cartoons are all for children. All techniques can be used for all kind of stories.

        I liked (didn’t love) the new Muppets movie. I’m with you that it was a little too sad and sentimental and could have been more joyful and laughable, but it did have some good jokes and it was much better than any Alvin and The Chipmunks movie. If the kids were more entertained by Alvin…well, ok, maybe the guys working on that understand the new target audience better, but that is not really a proof of quality . Kids also enjoy Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

      • Scarabim

        Since you ask, I don’t care one way or the other about the Muppets in general. I liked them as a kid. They haven’t been very good since then, and so I’m not a blinded-by-nostalgia fan, unlike some here. I did think the new movie was awful and I’m genuinely puzzled by some of the praise heaped on it and why Disney wants a sequel. Wasn’t a blockbuster by any means, from what I’ve read, but whatever.

        And all you old farts who always diss Cyrus and Bieber were probably crying your eyes out when you heard about Davy Jones kicking it a while back. Hypocrites.

      • KyleB

        How does one man manage to bring up his deeply rooted hate for The Muppets for months on end in barely-related comment threads?

        Now theres a movie I want to see! “The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Talking About The Muppets (despite not liking the muppets)”

      • >>Since you ask, I don’t care one way or the other about the Muppets in general. I liked them as a kid. They haven’t been very good since then, and so I’m not a blinded-by-nostalgia fan, unlike some here. >>

        Yeah, I’m totally blinded by nostalgia. I didn’t watch Muppets that much as a kid, for starters. I watched Muppets Tonight when I was like 18 or something and it was an excellent and hilarious show. It had a lot of jokes aimed to adults too. So yes, there have been good things Muppet-related since their original show in the 70s.

    • Deaniac

      This looks like another jab at The Muppets movie courtesy of Scarabim, and unfortuntely, just as repetitive.

      WE GET IT, YOU HATED THE MOVIE. Do Cartoon Brew a favor and please STOP BRINGING. IT. UP. Good lord.

      • Mike Russo

        Yeah, it’s gotten really played out. Go away.

    • Mike Russo

      Oh goodie. More unprovoked Muppet slams.

  • brubis

    A Seth MacFarlane project with an unexplained talking animal that everyone just accepts as normal? Nice to see he’s branching out . . .

  • Snagglepuss

    If anyone knows how to hate, its commenters!

    • Tak

      First rule of maintaining a “reputable” website… Disable The Comments.
      But honestly, the internet is for communication. Without comments, posts would become either just articles or propaganda. Yes comments can be defamatory, pissy, random, cynical and repetitive. But more often then not they’re interesting. They’re a public barometer. So really, what kind of sad sack comments solely on the comments? Disagree with a few? Sure! Voice your opinion about others? Why not? But to blanked the majority of them as a hateful waste of space like some do? I bet you’d call the internet police wouldn’t you…
      “Officer, these darn kids are their leaving comments & sh*t all over mah gosh darn blog!.”

      Post something with comments enabled and you can incur the internets wrath… but at the same time, disable comments & you will never know any of its praise or adulation. There’s a whole F***ing world of people out there man. Hate/Shmate, you’re cutting it too dry. Post something with comments enabled and you can incur the internets wrath… but at the same time, disable comments & you will never know any of its praise or adulation. There’s a whole F***ing world of people out there man. You’re not really looking at all these mostly non-objective comments objectively.

  • Abel

    Man no one understands context around here? It’s just a dumb movie with base level humor? Is that so bad? Yikes.

  • This looks like a lazy swipe from Greg the Bunny.

    • …and Willifred…and Imagine This!

    • Steve Gattuso

      Gods yes. A GTB movie would be far better.

  • I don’t hate, I’m just bored. Cute animal saying naughty things is not too hard to pull off. McFarlane’s been raking the dough in on this premise for years so why would he risk doing something different? From a money perspective, I can’t blame him. But does he really need the money?

    That girls’ names bit was pretty good, though.

  • If everyone who posted on Cartoon Brew were to follow the motherly advice of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, most of these comment sections would be barren.

    I’m sure it’s got a few laughs in it, looks like a decent way to waste an hour and a half or so. Though I’m sure the typical brew commenter would NEVER “waste” their time and instead spend that 90 minutes or so keyframing their hand drawn, 24 fps magnum opus and adjusting their monocles.

    Will I walk away from it a changed person with a new appreciation for some aspect of social moors I never had before? Probably not. Have we seen parts of this scenario before? Sure. I’m just glad to see some animators got to work for a little while and something new for their resumes. Animation / compositing looks decent and I like the “plush toy nap” texture of Ted’s fur.

    Full disclosure: didn’t work on it, don’t know anyone who did, and yeah, if you google me and what I do, I’m mediocre at best and my opinion is probably garbage. Blah.

    • HI Nathan,

      I highly agree on your positive thoughts, problem is that this person, Seth McFarlane, never had something positive to say.

  • Soccer Mom

    oh so adorable. I’m sure my little Timmy love to see this. Animated cartoon teddy bears are always family friendly.

  • JT

    not getting any money from me.

  • I’m bizarrely looking forward to seeing it.

  • Peter J Casey

    I personally don’t care what it is. You people need to look at this movie for what it is.


    Stop being snobs. Not everything can be a masterpiece. I’d be happy to work on the most disgusting and foul sequence of this film. Because I would have a job animating.

  • Richard

    LOVE IT. So funny.

    Ted sounds like Brian with a Peter dialect.

  • If it’s Seth McFarlane’s then I defintely won’t watch it. Calling gay everybody and he’s probably the gayest man ever by using the same unbearable formula over and over again. He’s “feckin'” scared of his own shadow.

    Like Tarantino once said “You know, cause violence is everything, you know? People love guns and stuff” I bet that Mr. McFarlane would say exactly the same thing.

    I hope they shoot both assholes, you know, as in dramatic irony and stuff.

    • Snagglepuss

      “He’s the gayest man ever?”

    • Isn’t this comment bordering on a pure insult? It’s one thing to say you don’t like MacFarlane’s work, or the man himself, but it’s another thing entirely to hope for him to be shot. I thought Brewers were above this type of immature Youtube mentality…

      • I’m sorry if you didn’t understand.

        I’m using that same idiotic language that they both love. They’ll probably get it if you talk to them like that.

        Whenever I can, I’ll show you the article were Tarantino said that the only thing that the public is interested in is violence and guns, and you’ll understand.

        Here’s what I said once after watching Four Rooms, using his lovingly language

        (Quentin Tarantino mode ON)

        FOUR ROOMS: THE MOST POINTLESS MOVIE I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE F+UCKING WAStING MY F-CKIN LIFE watching Four Rooms after an 100th watch of Amelie’s.
        I don’t have time.
        I lack time.
        And waiting for an awesome movie and I only saw F*CKIN- Quentin Tarantino show off his big fat hairy a$$ sized chin + ego. WTF dude Somebody make more Amélies

        (Quentin Tarantino mode OFF)

      • Snagglepuss

        Well, he doesn’t act like that in real life. But I guess you do?

      • Peter J Casey

        I think they’re twelve or something.

        Seriously people, I don’t care what he produces. as long as he produces anyways.

        what if he decided to NOT make Ted? How many jobs would have not happen? How many animators would have to take another job that just to support themselves?


        It doesn’t have to be art.

        If you want art you are welcome to create it using your own time.

      • snagle- Why don’t you just take an eye on the beautiful comment he made on Japan? You’ll find it on cartoonbrew. That and keep searching, not just on CB, but on google.
        Also, I think you’ve already noticed, but, see how terribly repelent is for people to talk to you like that? He does it to you every single day through television. Lovely, isn’t it?

        Peter Casey: what would happen if they made, even a USA cheesy version, of Amélie? Do you think jobs wouldn’t grow there?

        Also, you should read some articles/books on the “crisis” and how we are not really in a problem, and how you can actually gain a job. How depression, cynicism, hating is getting us down, down, down. Look, please read this:


        Of course Seth isn’t quite smart to make art, so why bother trying? Why bother trying anything new? Kids are becoming more retarded thanks to the crap that comes out. But hey, who cares? It’s “business”. Even more, Seth has been doing “business” before the crisis came in!

        Besides, you don’t have to be a genius to produce art. Seth is proof of that. So, why, why can’t he use his “powers” for the good? Oh, yes, I forgot. He’s f+ucking Seth McFarlane. Nobody bother him. The poor man can’t even gain millions enough to make himself two beds of dollars. Only one, Aaaw. Poor, poor guy.

  • Damon

    I laughed, God help me but I laughed. And I’ve had the Thunder song in my head all day.

  • Sarah J

    I’m not gonna lie, the premise is so bizarre and funny that I almost want to see the movie out of morbid curiosity. But I probably won’t unless it gets particularly good reviews. Judging by the trailer, well, I don’t really like movies that rely almost entirely on swearing and sex jokes for comedy. But again, I’ll see what reviews have to say on whether or not I’ll watch it.

  • Seth McFarlane’s problem is that he is mean-spirited.

    • That’s a saving grace. Mean is funny.

      FAMILY GUY is almost as laff-producing as SOUTH PARK or CHECK IT OUT WITH DR. STEVE BRULE. So, I want TED to be good. But, the trailer looks like a boilerplate romcom incorporating the formula “cute meet”, with a derivative talking fantasy animal rammed into the proceedings sideways. It’s not two great tastes that taste great together. It’s a bad taste and a weird taste that don’t work at all. If it was a candy product it would be a Reese’s Antifreeze and Liver cup.

  • tredlow

    This is pretty much a Seth Macfarlane show, minus the hot wife and two cliche kids. I’m indifferent about this.

  • Ryoku

    Meh, just another “Super Generic guy gets stuck with something odd, hilarity ensues” film.

    Why CGI a Teddy bear? You could puppet the thing for less.

    • Tom

      A puppet would look a lot funnier too.

  • A Painter

    i find it amazing that on other movie websites such as Collider they love the trailer. But somehow on Cartoon Brew a website for animators they absolutely hate it.

    i think the movie looks hilarious but then again i’m not an animator

    • Tak

      Things that are closet to home & heart often evoke the biggest reactions.

  • Nicole M Ham

    You know what– fuck dis shit. I’m tired of being bitter and pissed off at everything. I’m seein’ this motherfucker. I fucking love the concept, anyway…

    I just fucking hate Mark Waugh-Blegh and his overused ass. I guess I’ll just hold in my puke whenever he’s on screen.

    And I’m just get a little bit tired of Macfarlane’s 3-voice menagerie– but that’s just me.

  • Maya

    I really wish I could get those 3 minutes of my life back. Just terrible. Yeesh.

  • Bob

    This gives garbage a bad name.

  • ara

    i dunno, i’m not a huge fan of seth macfarlane’s stuff (except for american dad, i’ve really taken a liking to the show…its refreshing in the way that it’s story driven instead of “remember that time…” bits). but this…ehhh. it’s a bit too tasteless for me (then again, when did seth ever stay classy), and i can’t see much beyond the “haha, that teddy bear is doing crude stuff” joke/irony schtick.

    the manchild thing has been overdone, but i wanted to like this. but once they hit the part with the bear + bong, i gave up hope of this being good. typical family guy stuff…let’s move on. (note: my bias against mila kunis may have played a factor in this opinion).

  • Alissa

    Oh! I get it now. Peter Griffith managed to manifest in the real world, but only as a specter. Then he possessed a teddy bear (it was either that or the cabbage patch doll) in order to brainwash a child so he finds Family Guy’s brand of ‘humor’ so uproariously funny that he endlessly repeats the same jokes over and over again. This in turn would cause those close to the child to start repeating the same jokes, and they in turn would spread it farther and farther abroad…

    Unfortunately, instead of successfully spreading the mind-virus the child grew up to be a hopeless man-child a.k.a our protagonist.

    And the movie will end with Peter demon-bear being shoved into a wood chipper because it’s freaking me the heck out.

  • Glowworm

    This reminds me a bit of “Unhappily Ever After” in the fact that a grown man has a raunchy, foul mouthed stuffed animal for a roommate. The only difference is that the teddy bear is clearly alive, and the man is not mentally unstable.

    Anyhow, I will admit that when the teddy bear first appeared to sing the “thunder song” I found it to be funny. Otherwise most of the gags rely upon the teddy bear being immature and perverted. Nonetheless, I actually kind of found it funny. At least compared to trailers like “The Three Stooges” and “Mirror Mirror” where the jokes really don’t belong with the movie material they’re supposed to be portraying, this one actually matches up to a tee.

  • Glowworm

    Also, I’m surprised no one’s really mentioned that the woman in the movie that John’s dating is Milla Kunis–AKA Meg Griffin. No wonder the bear is not helping their relationship.

  • Joel O’Brien

    Er…Ah…Um..I’ll wait until it’s shown on ABC Family…

  • It’s terrible, but i admit i laughed very hard when the bear starts to punch Mark Wahlberg. I think the simple animation added a lot of humour to that but its just my opinion.

    And Mila alone makes it worthwile for me to see the film since she’s animated perfectly :P

  • Dennis

    It sounds a lot like the comic “Imagine This.” Even Universal Press, the comic’s syndicate, has noticed: http://blogs.gocomics.com/2012/04/first-i-was-all-like-and-then-i-went-all-like-.html#comments

  • Hory Shet

    If everyone here is bitching about it, it must be actually entertaining.

    • I love this comment

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Oh My God.

  • Wakim

    Looks cute but a bit too much like Sam and Fuzzy
    Wimp dude in a tie, animated bear whose existence nobody seems to question.

    I’m still gonna check it out when it comes out :D

  • Steve Gattuso

    You know, I’d say this is the low point for Wahlberg’s career, then I found out he’s doing a film with Michael Bay.

    Mark, baby, sweetheart… Go talk to Marty Scorsese and see if he’s got something for you again.

  • Jim Engel

    I cannot believe what a insatiable appetite this country has for crass, vulgar “entertainment”. It’s like the entire nation stalled in 7th grade.