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Shelter Stories

Speaking of animator Paul Fierlinger (as we did yesterday), The Animal Shelter Project and the Humane Society have brought Fierlinger together with cartoonist Patrick McDonnell (Mutts) to create six public service spots based on the book Mutts Shelter Stories.

According to producer Peter Barg, “McDonnell felt Paul’s ability to capture true-to-nature body language was the perfect complement to his famous Mutts characters”. Fierlinger’s feature My Dog Tulip, opens in NYC at Film Forum on September 1st and in LA at the Nuart on October 22nd. You can watch all six spots online at Z Animation.

  • These are really great spots. Paul really captured McDonnell’s style!

    I want to go out and adopt a cat now.

  • Wow! Very cool to see McDonnel’s stuff animated. And in hand-drawn too!!

  • Great to see Patrick McDonnell animated.

    Speaking of which, anyone have a copy of the “Bad Baby” TV movie they did several years ago?

  • Ben K.

    Great work! I’m glad the project worked out. :)

  • Ron

    Mutts is my favorite current comic strip. I’d love to see the main character animated just like this.

  • It was a particular delight for us to work on these because Patrick McDonnell was so generous with his characters, by which I mean that he wasn’t possessive, clinging to every nuance of his lines to protect the absolute integrity of his characters. As many animators will know, this might otherwise lead to stifling the acting spirit of an animator and work against the cartoonist’s own interests.

    In all my years of animation rare were the times that I chose to draw another artist’s drawings and I warned Patrick of this — my experiences are small. He in turn wanted me to feel free because he wanted to see his characters come to life as he perceives them himself; alternately true to nature, living on all fours, and anthropomorphically, strutting about as bipeds.

    He gave me a promise that he won’t nit-pick on me if I have to add my own touches in those cases where I will make his creatures work in closer to realism body language. This meant at times giving his dogs and cats legs where there were none in Patrick’s originals. To prove he was serious in his promise, he never gave me model sheets.

    And yes, we have been talking about the possibility of carrying this collaboration further. By the way, the Ad Council was just as generous towards us; these were the first ads I have ever made which were accepted by the client with no changes requested. Shay Lynch was the composer and sound engineer, as he is on our current feature project, Slocum.

    • Nancy Beiman

      Congratulations, Mr. Fierlinger. The ads are marvelous and I am delighted to hear that you are doing another feature. I can’t wait to see all of MY DOG TULIP. Thank you for visiting Sheridan last year.

  • childisfatheroftheman

    Very nice, definetely kept Mutts individual style in animation. Hope to see more!