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Similar Ideas, Different Approaches

I couldn’t help and notice a similarity between this music video by Kristofer Strom of Sweden…

…and this signal film for Cartoon Forum 2008 directed by Regina Welker and Max Lang of Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Institute of Animation.

Cartoon Forum

I’m not suggesting that either idea was copied from the other. After all, non-descript blobby creatures straight out of a Pictoplasma book and cavorting in a real-world environment is hardly anything new. Still I thought it might be interesting to show two different animated approaches to a similar problem.

(Thanks, BitterAnimator, for the Cartoon Forum link)

  • slowtiger

    Very interesting to compare those two. When I saw just the first one I compared it to other “animation drawn on real world objects” video clips and positively noted the absence of any intention to incorporate the characters as 3D real world objects. Now the second one does just that – and is equally entertaining and charming. I guess there’s still a big difference in production time.

  • FP

    Nice tracking, roto, and compositing in both spots.

    However, the dance video uses the same short cycles all the way through. It’s fatiguing to watch for four minutes – and the “music” is no more than dead, autopilot beats.

    The Cartoon Forum promo is beautiful and too short. I suppose more people worked on it, with a less demanding deadline.

  • Ryan

    The first one, blech, annoying that one really. Just some schmancy graphics over some unimaginative sounds. What I liked about the Cartoon Forum one most was near the start with that giant beast tramping through the city, and you could hear screams of squished pedestrians. Made it a little bit more believable, in a sense. Like I could go to a zoo and see some of those things. Better music too, and I reckon just the right length if it’s just a promo. Wouldn’t want to steal the whole show now, would they?

  • It’s hard to choose between either one,although I agree with FP, the use of the same cycles in the music video gets a little boring.

    The other one left me wanting for more, so I guess I made my choice :-)

  • Dan Lee

    I remember hearing this music from a vid I saw where the guy made whiteboard drawings and animated them… wait… lemme go check… heh ok neva mind… same guy… hehe… their styles are similar, but different… as u’ve mentioned this isn’t a first so… yea…

  • OR if you want to see a better take on that idea watch the opening to Moyashimon here: