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Soichiro Honda

Animator Michele D’Auria has produced a beautiful viral short for Honda Italia. It tells of Soichiro Honda’s initial inspiration for his motor company and, in its way, becomes inspiring itself. Watch it here.

  • Barbara

    “So your girlfriend rolls a Honda, playing workout tapes by Fonda
    But Fonda ain’t got a motor in the back of her Honda”

  • Very nice piece. The art direction and creativity really draws you in. The music is fantastic too..probably my favorite aspect of the short..its just beautiful music!!

  • Yes, most of the visuals are pretty nice. I do like the art direction and the color palette. The walk cycles are a little stiff though, and the character design could have been a little better. I wish the dream sequence was either shorter or more inspired. When Honda finally arrived at the idea of a motorized bike after all of that dreaming I was left saying, “That’s it?”

  • Jay Sabicer

    “That’s it?”

    Take ‘it’ into context; it’s just after WWII, Japan is essentially a defeated nation that had experienced the most horrible way one can experience war. To have a man in his 40’s start up a small company from nearly nothing; make it into a multi-national giant in the world of transportation in the course of 20 years, ‘it’ becomes a fascinating success story. True, the storytelling is a little heavy-handed (after all it is a Honda propaganda piece), but the idea of pursuing your dreams, even long-deferred ones, can have world-changing ramifications. Give it a try sometime.

  • Marge

    This is the best anime of the year. Awesome, thank you guys

  • TStevens

    I have to digress: while the art direction was nice the storytelling seemed to just meander about without coming to any solid resolution. It was actually the VO that resolved the story – not so much the images. I think what I wanted to see was the inspiration in the dream ie “the spark of the idea” and then seeing Honda fulfill that vision. The dream sequence felt way too stream of consciousness without getting to the point. Also, what happened to the stick men that came out of the drawings? Again, sort of an unresolved element.

    I would have liked to have seen this being more about invention and less about an extended dream sequence.

  • Oluseyi

    Too long, and waaaaay too disjoint. The storytelling is lacking in economy, and not even beautiful art direction can make up for that.

  • Massimiliano

    Bellissimo fantastico lavoro!!! Finalmente ho capito il significato della scritta Honda The Power of Dreams… sono contento che un lavoro del genere sia nato in Italia bravi ragazzi!!