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Sony PS3 Spot by Superfad

Superfad spot

Superfad has delivered an impressive 3D spot for the Sony PS3, directed by Kevin Lau and Frank Pichel. Superfad’s animation of the ‘exploding’ PS3 are tightly integrated with the videogame footage but also make a unique impression of their own because of the stylized b&w art direction. The use of a simple grey background also heightens the impact of the piece. It’s refreshing to see such restraint on the part of directors working with CG.

(via Motionographer)

  • intergalactic

    HOLY CRAP!!!

    Sweet spot.

  • flyingeye

    just saw it tonight.
    compelling and amazing.
    wonderfully overwhelming.
    if only the game makers were allowed to have this much fun.

  • It helps that all of the game footage itself was very top-notch, and that the PS3 is capable of doing pretty high-quality rendering in real time (this ad was of course a showcase of the best-looking games) so there wasn’t any necessary contrast between the pre-rendered CG elements and the gameplay elements.

    Relatedly, in Ratchet and Clank (one of the games in that spot), you’d be very hard-pressed to tell which segments are pre-rendered and which ones are realtime. I’m very excited about some of the good animation work which is happening as part of PS3 games, and good animation combined with interactivity can lead to awesome things.

    The PS3 also has a very charming downloadable game, LocoRoco Cocoreccho, which has an art style which I think any animation geek couldn’t help but love. It’s the best example of interactive animation I’ve ever seen, and it’s entirely too cute for its own good. Every time I play it I’m worried about my pancreas failing.

    I’m glad to see that PS3 is finally getting some advertising that’s in line with the best that the system has to offer. (Similarly I’m glad to see some of the very good recent spots for XBox 360 and Wii games. I’m not a hardcore Sony fan or anything. I just like to see good stuff from different media converge in ways that raise the state of the art while also producing something good on its own.)

  • Cyber Fox

    Good commercial, but at $400… The PS3 still won’t attract any buyers

  • I’ve seen the commercials a couple of times now, and I think it’s better than the kinds the Wii and Xbox 360 get. But I guess they need it to look awesome in order to encourage people to buy the most expensive console out there.

  • mangaijin

    “restraint” is not a word I’d choose to describe that spot… fantastic ad, tho

  • Sean D.

    Yeah, it’s a very appealing ad… very much fits in with the style and station IDs of G4TV. Much better than some of the other crap ads they’ve been trying to sell that system with.

    Cyber Fox, at $400 I’m now attracted- I certainly wasn’t at $500-$600. Seems like a reasonable price now, and with Ratatouille coming out on Blu-Ray tomorrow, I might be picking one up soon.

  • Chuck R.

    Very cool, although wouldn’t say “restraint” either. The black and white is a natural choice, because it lets the viewer know what footage is part of a game and what’s advertising footage.

    Thanks for the link!