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SpongeBob SquareButts

SpongeBob SquarePants + Sir Mix-a-Lot + Burger King = The viral ad that everybody’s going to be linking to for the next week.

Case in point:

  • AWESOME!!!

  • Quick someone get me a rectal thermometer stat, I think I’m going to be sick!

  • phil

    that was way too long and nauseating for any living thing to watch

  • Christopher Cook

    Spork, please. I must self-inflict a wound so I may never see this again.

  • fishmorgjp

    Yippee, more spongiform brain disease.

  • You know this will spread like wildfire. Look for it on year-end wrap-up shows in December…

  • Buy a lamp, open a curtain, for chrissake, if you’re going to use a camera TURN ON THE LIGHTS!

  • Brent

    So that’s what happened to Kurt Conner.

  • I dunno… McDonald’s “Gimme Back that Filet O’ Fish” ad really raised/lowered the bar for viral ads… this kinda pales in comparison.

    Have viral campaigns jumped the shark? Gasp!

  • Erica

    *sigh* More shame to a good show like Spongebob ):

  • From 1 to 10 on the vomit scale that rates a 12 !!!

  • sean w

    i remember when burger king wasn’t so friggin’ creepy..

    the clown doll from poltergeist’s got nothin’ on the BK.

  • Wow… I could…

    Not sit through that…

  • Peter F

    Didn’t Burger King go out of business about ten years ago?

  • It’s like the commercials they would air in the Robocop universe, so I guess it’s time for me to say ‘Id buy that for a dollar!!’ :)

  • As much as SpongeBob and butts bothers me on a subconscious level, I have to give credit to Crispin Porter + Bogusky and the director credit. Who would have thought of this unique combination? I’d love to sit down have a cup of coffee and pick their brains.

  • I don’t know for my opinion if I should choose between “this video was interestingly designed” or “what happened to the concept of fun and enjoyable viral videos?”

  • Nick

    It’s moments like these that make me ask myself why I want to be an animator.

  • Why would Nickelodeon want to be associated with this type of offensive fluff? It can only hurt their franchise.

    What’s to gain in this association?

  • Wow, high brows rule the room tonight. I saw it on TV and I chuckled. It’s meant to be stupid, and it delivers in buckets. A drive thru chuckle for a drive thru chicken nugget. Seems to fit. Rejoice in the idiocy, I say.

  • Jason

    Peter F, you’re thinking Burger Chef. Burger King is still alive and kickin’. I know because I get my fast food fix there fairly often.

    Say, speaking of Burger Chef, anybody else here remember Burger Chef and Jeff, the toon mascots of the aforementioned burger joint? Paul Winchell did the voice of the Chef. The animated commercials were actually pretty damn good. Too bad the food wasn’t…

  • Jacob

    Argh! That be mutiny, Mr. Squarepants!

  • Ha! It’s the newest form of rickrolling I say.

  • Lurch Poiuyt




  • G. Melissa Graziano

    Aah! I’ve been Squarepantsed!

    Actually, I was fairly amused…enough to want to spread the infection but not enough to make me want to eat there (a Pyrrhic victory, then?). It was a bit long though.

  • Lurch Poiuyt

    …I mean, I thought that this flash cartoon was weird…

    http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/papasmurf (warning! NSFW!)

    …then I saw this. Really! WTF?!?

  • I guess Burger King knows that when you’ll never be #1, you can go nuts trying to be #2, and this video looks very much like #2…

    Oh, and Lurch Poiuyt…THAT video was the sickest thing I ever saw.

    Which means I LOVED it!

  • The G Man

    At least Mix-a-Lot still puts effort into writing a good rap. “Them round-butts won’t admit it / But they’d wear that gear if they could fit it!” :-D

  • Isaac

    What’s with all the hate? Yeah, it’s terrible, but it’s supposed to be that way.

  • FP

    Anything with the Fiberglass King is great. This video is no exception. I wish that some of the more hilarious Spongebob dances had been used for the cutaways,

  • I’m no Pythagorus, but those look like rect-angles.


    Go all the way or go home. These guys know what they’re doing.



    This Burger King character is so child predator looking that he’s always given me the total creeps! Am I the only one who feels this way? (((shivvers))) yuk!!!

  • He has always creeped me out.

  • Geo


  • Tom

    I like this spot and I cannot lie! I laughed when I saw it yesterday on Comedy Central, and I laughed watching it just now.

    Spongebob, like Lincoln, belongs to the ages.

  • This would be better if only the girls were there and not that god-awful Burguer King mascot.

    Seriously, this is very weird. Is it supossed to be a parody of a bad rap or is it just a terrible rap? The girls wearing an square in their pants is supossed to be funny or just odd? Why would somebody want to show “naughty” girls in a spot related to a kid show?

    I agree with Erica. Spongebob is a generally good show that usually gets pretty bad marketing.

  • chad

    and thus the most evilest alliance of hades has formed the evil burger king has joined with sponge bob and thus the chaos of hades is unleashed mercy on everyone who has witnessed the thing

  • Anna

    the tv spots are really short, so the funny doesn’t get stale!

    the King creeps me out, but you gotta give Sir Mix-a-lot a big huge “A++ good business” for effort

    hey, booty is booty =P

  • Emil

    “It’s supposed to be stupid” is how we got the 1970’s.

  • As an animation student that spent an entire year working at the Burger King drive thru, I find this an oddly amusing meld of interests…or rather disinterest and interest…

  • Keith

    Roberto says “Why would somebody want to show “naughty” girls in a spot related to a kid show?”

    …not only that, Roberto, it’s a spot advertising a $0.99 KIDS’ MEAL. My mind was thoroughly boggled when I caught this Tuesday morning watching the local news. I was mesmerized at the strange blend of Burger King and Spongebob–which would normally not be strange at all when it comes time for a Kids’ Meal campaign–with Sir Mix-A-Lot. And then I realized it WAS for a Kids’ Meal.

    And then Mix appeared at the end.

    Saying “Booty is booty!”

    In a KIDS’ MEAL commercial.

    I still can’t decide whether this is genius, or just insane. All the ridiculous things Standards & Practices (and clients trying to anticipate S&P) flag on animated series… yet THIS happens.

  • Tom

    I wouldn’t overthink it too much. It’s a kids’ show with a HUGE adult fanbase, and adults will collect more of those toys than kids will.

    Also, the ad doesn’t seem to be running on kids’ nets. I may be wrong, but it seems like an evening ad running with non-kids’ programs.

  • I actually saw this on TV last night (you remember TV right?). It’s hilarious, but also strangely compelling, in that they are trying to sell a kids meal by having Sir Mix-a-lot sing about SpongeBob Square pants butt. The ancient and new meme collision has surely created a new universe out there somewhere.

    Burger King has appeared to be successful with their off the wall advertising. I suppose we should realize that the commercial is not for the kid to get the kids meal, it is for the parent to buy the kid the kids meal. As such it is perfectly directed at the right segment.

    The new improved lyrics are here:

  • that 70s mom

    When it comes to ad campaigns, I’ll take this any day over Billy Mays or the Shamwow creep (his ho really sold herself short).

  • Keith Paynter

    Nice patties.

  • I think there’s a rare moment of honesty in this otherwise embarrassing video. Listen carefully and you’ll hear Sir Mix-A-Lot shout, “Spongebob, I wanna get with you, ‘cuz you’re making me richer!” He says he likes big butts, but he’s in this for the big bucks.

  • zavkram

    I really miss the old Burger King from the late 1970’s… you know, the one who was always matching wits with the “Duke of Doubt”?

    I agree with everyone who thinks this new King is creepy! (Brrrrrrrr!)

  • Shax

    How the hell can so many cartoon fans completely fail to have ANY kind of sense of humor?