Spots from Punga Spots from Punga

Spots from Punga

Animator/designer Gabriel H. Fermanelli has turned me on to the commercials he’s producing through Punga, a collective of artists in Buenos Aires who specialize in animation and branding. Fermanelli co-directed a series of spots for Wrangler Jeans (with Tomas Dieguez); this one is my favorite:

Fermanelli’s latest stylishly designed spot is for Volvo, featuring Sloths:

  • Thanks for the post, Jerry! Both the commercials were really fun.

  • Rufus

    Bravo to both!

  • J.M.

    Besides the amazing artwork, the content and storytelling on these ones is good too, the Man solutions one specially.

    Buenisimo felicidades

  • Beautiful! Punga rocks, I really love their take on animation!

  • With more commercials like this, I would go back to watching TV again :)