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The Animated Trailer of “Irma La Douce”

Irma La Douce

What’s the best way to promote a romantic comedy about prostitution? The producers of the 1963 Billy Wilder film Irma la Douce decided to advertise it with an animated trailer. They commissioned John Wilson and his studio Fine Arts Films to create the piece. Animation director Michael Sporn has scanned the trailer’s artfully designed, never-before-seen storyboards and posted them onto his blog. They can be viewed HERE and HERE.

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  • James Mason

    While not quite a classic, still one of the better Wilder comedies. Gotta love that Wilder caricature.

    Not too surprising that they rolled with the “Condemned” Hayes office rating after Production Code compromises forced onto “The Seven Year Itch” and “Some like it Hot.”

    While the animated parts are great, the live-action preview bits don’t do much except show off the risque material.

  • Teodor
  • Jorge Garrido

    Better than the film itself! Wilder’s attempt to blend Lubitsch musical style (sans musical) and The Apartment failed miserably.

    • Thad

      Have to agree with Jorge here. Wilder had nothing worth saying with this derivative light comedy that warranted its bloated length. Wilson’s trailer is a work of art, regardless.

  • Bud

    Actually, while Irma was a mild film (all of Wilder’s color films are), it was the most successful at the box office of all his films upon original release The animated trailer is better than the movie. And the movie is better than the French musical on which it was based.

  • 4er

    is that paul frees narrating?

    • optimist

      Yes it is.

  • A Painter

    But he didn’t color in the lines :(….

  • Doz Hewson

    Is John Wilson still alive?

    • amid

      Last I heard, he is still alive.

  • xevo

    Didn’t Wilson do those animated music videos that were shown on the Sonny & Cher show?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Yes he did.

    • amid

      You can see a list of his credits and more of his artwork if you click on the Fine Arts Films link in this post.