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The Making of “Mickey’s Parade”

Stop-mo animator Joel Fletcher just posted the behind the scenes tale of a long forgotten Mickey’s Parade frozen treats commercial from 1991. The advertisement was one of the most complex stop-motion spots of the era, due to the sheer number of animated puppets and props. It is also a nostalgic flashback to a Disney licensed food product that is no more. Read all about it and see the commercial on Joel Fletcher’s blog.

  • Those Mickey’s Parade ice pops were my absolute favorite as a kid. I can still remember biting off Mickey’s ears and thinking it was hilarious.

    As for this ad, I faintly remember it, but WHOAH was that a production. Today, you could whip something up using all CG… but I’m sure the 3D frozen treats wouldn’t look as delicious as these oversized sculptures.

  • Jorgen Klubien

    All that nice work… before computers!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Well that brought back pleasant memories (though I don’t think I ever tried any of those products at all).

  • John A

    I loved those Mickey popsicles, I ate them all the time , and I wasn’t a kid at the time. I never saw the commercial,though. What a visual treat!

  • carol d

    I was the account supervisor at the ad agency Grant Jacoby, Denny Hebson the CD. I remember presenting this board to the Unliver bigwigs who flew in from London. It was a big deal. The creative team was nervous becuase the scope of the production was “way out of budget.” I knew the idea was great and trusted these clients would pay for great work,and they did. Unliver awarded this ad the “best” among all its global ads produced that year. Then we,the agency got fired about a month later because as an indy shop, not globally aligned within Unilever. Even after all these years, I can still sing the jingle!