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This has already had over 2 million views on You Tube, but I couldn’t ignore it for the Brew. Inspired by Taijin Takeuchi, Olympus Corp. created this viral for the 50th anniversary of their Pen Camera. They shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9,600 prints and shot over 1,800 pictures again. No post production. Cool.

(Thanks, Rich LaPierre)

  • uncle wayne

    oh MY! Quite fascinating!! Thank you! [And, you’re rite, it DID need to “be here!”]

  • Kate

    That was amazing. :D

  • Very nice. I am reminded of this (originally animated in CG, then screencapped and printed for stop motion):

  • That’s pretty incredible. Animation and Photography, my two first loves, combined.

  • Steamboat Bill

    50 years of a mans photographic life shortened to 3 minutes, interesting concept. I wish their were more ideas that thought outside of the box like this.

  • lola

    Beautiful~! I loved how smooth the bike riding parts were.

  • Tegan

    I want to know, why did he leave his wife on the beach?!

    • Gummo

      Thank you, that was my reaction too!

      Did our “hero” just abandon his family halfway into this happy little video??

  • Olo

    was it done by the same guy who did this?

    cos it seems obviously “inspired” by the Japanese video.

    • As Jerry says in the post it was inspired by Taijin Takeuchi’s A Wolf Loves Pork. It’s nicely done, but looks like a rip-off, almost a direct copy with a few new ideas thrown in. I hope they at least consulted the artist or offered the project to him first.

      If you like that you may enjoy the work of Virgil Widrich, like his classic short, Fast Film.

  • Olo

    was it done by the same ppl who shot this last year?

    it seemed very “inspired” by it.

  • Randy Koger

    Mega cool! So much talent!

  • No Post.. but lots of trees!! :(