Three Legged Legs for Starbucks Three Legged Legs for Starbucks

Three Legged Legs for Starbucks

Santa Monica-based Three Legged Legs created this Starbucks spot in four days, including design, animatic, animation, and revisions. They’ve posted the development artwork for it on their website. Another worthwhile section on their site is called Chronicles, a collection of pitch work for commercials that weren’t made for any number of reasons. It’d be a valuable resource if more animation production companies posted this type of pitch work online.

Agency: BBDO New York
Director: Three Legged Legs
Production Company: Green Dot Films
Director: Three Legged Legs
Creative Director: Greg Gunn, Casey Hunt, Reza Rasoli
Animation: Jameson Baltes, David Do, Mike Tavarez
Design: Chuck BB, Alex Preston, Thomas Yamaoka
Complete credits on Three Legged Leg’s website.

  • Angry Anim

    I think it blows that speed is king nowadays.

    The spot is great, but I’m sure glad I’m not the one who had to bust his ass to get it done.

  • FP

    Nice work for three days. I’ve had to make deadlines like that. At the finish, it feels as if your heart and brains are going to explode.

    I make coffee at home. It costs 15¢ a cup, including poisonous flavored creamer.

  • Hipsters, never fear: it will be an “unpretentious” brand, even sold in vending machines for that extra shot of downtrodden flavor.

  • Excellent style and execution, especially for such a crunch.
    Be sure to visit their site and watch “Humans!”….one of my favorites.

  • Three agency Creative Directors? With that many cooks to spoil the broth, er, brew, I’m surprised it didn’t take three YEARS to finish this spot.

  • amid

    Scott – If you look at the full credits on their site, there is only one agency creative director. The three creative directors listed here are the owners of the studio who collaborate creatively on projects.

  • Sweet ad! IMHO they followed the basic premises of a nice spot: a neat and great design, just a few but right keyframes blended with a good cut pace.

  • There is nothing to criticize about the work or the effort of these talented guys (go look at the rest of their stuff, it’s terrific), but really, has it come to this?
    A huge international company like Starbucks needs a commercial in 4 days?
    Or they needed it in 6 months and spend 5 and a half weeks pissing about…
    Is this achievement in a tiny timeframe a good thing or does it prove that animators will do anything for a breadcrumbs?
    I hope the talented folks who made this were remunerated according to the quality of the finished product and not for 4 days slog.

  • Really not bad, but I wonder about the budget. Most clients I know would argue that working faster allows them to pay less.

  • Thanks for the clarification, Amid. But on the topic of multiple directors with the exception of the teams of Sanders/Dubois and Musker/Clements, both of which seem to have good track records), how do animated feature films ever get made at all?

    I think that it’s certainly a contributing factor to why most animated features lack a clear point of view. (Having worked with Chris Sanders in his early days, I recognized his worldview in nearly every scene of LILO AND STITCH)

  • Leirin

    Animation of the characters reminded me a little of the tv special “Olive the Other Reindeer”, though more textured and polished. Beautiful colors and style. And only in four days, too — what a dedicated team!

  • Kudos to these guys. Proving once again, it doesn’t take a large, well known, funded by a billionaire, film / commercial animation house to do a beautiful little animated spot. ( And I’ll wager at a much, MUCH better price! )

    It delights me to no end to to know that a few heads of these animation houses who have been slow to adapt to new technology, clinging to old methods of production, are sweating bullets over stories like these.

    Power to the independents!