TV Promos by Rodrigo Leme TV Promos by Rodrigo Leme

TV Promos by Rodrigo Leme

Rio de Janeiro-based animator Rodrigo Leme directed and animated these spots while working in-house at Globosat TV in Brazil. The top piece promoted the airing of the four Indiana Jones films, while the bottom was a promo for a block of horror films.

“Indiana Jones Rock Song Promo”
Art Direction/Animation: RodrigoLeme
Writer/Lyrics: Alex Mendes
Music: Eduardo Miguens

“Fear Club” Promo”
Art Direction/3D/Animation: RodrigoLeme
Writer: AlexMendes
Sound: Flavio Biniou

  • cbat628

    I really like the “join in the fun” vibe I’m getting from these promos. Also the evil laugh in the “fear” one legitimately creeped me out.

  • Nice spotlight. Brazil has some awesome animation talent that no one talks about.

    • Your right about that. Everything that I see out of Brazil is amazing. Comics also.

  • Ricky B

    Muito Bom!

  • AB

    These are terrific!! I especially like the Indiana Jones one!!

  • Anoniguy

    The Indiana Jones one was awesome – they both were great, but it had such a wonderful fun feeling. I can’t help but get a big smile.

    I wish more promos could be like this is the states.