Vintage German ad for <em>Felina</em> lingerie Vintage German ad for <em>Felina</em> lingerie

Vintage German ad for Felina lingerie

The animation isn’t so good, but the imagery – not to mention the live action ladies in their under garments – make this vintage German theatrical commercial well worth watching.

  • cst

    Not speaking German, I can only assume that the reason all those ladies are running away screaming from that guy is because he’s a TWO DIMENSIONAL FREAK !

  • Oooh la la. I want to doodle all the babes in this– and that song! It’s crammed up my brainstem now.

  • FP

    A killer look. The whole thing is just great. I love the “held cels” for the cutout live action’s lower bodies when sitting.

    Is this thing public domain? It has lots of shots worth stealing.

  • Some of the processed live is actually pretty interesting – lots of different techniques going on here ! Almost feels to me like a modern day parody of a vintage piece. . .

  • Brilliant!

  • When was this made???

  • Lingerie commercials… we can add to the list of things the German language seems unsuited for.

  • I can only guess this was made somewhere in the 1950’s. The company “Felina” is more than 120 years old (not to mix up with the 20yr old american firm of the same name). I assume this spot was lifted from one of the more recent compilations of old german advertising, there are several in circulation. No public domain here.

    Pretty experimental techniques for a mainstream commercial, and yes, it looks like being made today. The “Röntgenbrille” (X-ray glasses) mentioned in the voiceover is a common german term, a novelty device of that name was sold for decades.

  • Tom Pope

    Hokey smokes!

  • Randy

    Are you sure it’s an ad for lingerie? It could just as easily be an ad for novelty disappearing dresses, a favorite of German pranksters for decades.

  • Bob Lindstrom

    Das ist der unmoralisch Herr Teas. Wo ist Russ Meyer?

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Undressing clothed women in your mind’s eye? A real gentleman would never stoop so low. ;)

  • top cat james

    Needs some of those Camay “boner double-takes”.

  • David Breneman

    The gist of it is, that “back in the day” women simply didn’t look very appealing, and their self consciousness was exacerbated by a rumor that there were glasses that men could use to see through their clothing, so women avoided men wearing glasses. But “today”, they are confident in the appearance of their figure (cue the girl in the red see-through convertible), so they wouldn’t mind men looking through their clothes. And if you could look through the clothing of pretty girls, you’d find Felina! (Taking some artistic license here.)

    Damn, I miss my German girlfriend. But she didn’t wear nearly as much underwear…

  • Theodore Ushev