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Vintage Cartoon Ice Cream Packages

Remember that rare Leon Schlesinger merchandising manual we posted about a year ago? Here’s how one Looney Tunes licensee used it. Dan Goodsell recently posted these rare ice cream packages (click thumbnails below to view enlarged image of each) on flickr. Dig the blue hairy Daffy Duck, the early still-evolving Elmer and note the fact they chose to use the obscure Fluffnums (from Tashlin’s Porky’s Romance) and “Patrick” Parrot (from Avery’s I Wanna Be a Sailor) as representative Looney Tunes.

Frankly, I learn almost as much about old cartoons from their merchandising as I do from watching the cartoons themselves. Thanks to Dan Goodsell for continuing his archeology in this area of research. Check Dan’s blog regularly for new finds – and updates on Mr. Toast.

(Thanks, Billie Towser)

  • I imagine Elmer is about to open up his violin case, take out a gun and shoot Fluffnums.

  • vzk

    I always thought Elmer and Egghead were different characters.

  • Elmer and Egghead *are* different characters.

    Elmer pre-1940 has squinty eyes, a bald head, and what would be the later Elmer’s “non-hunting” outfit (derby hat, coat with high starched collar).
    Egghead has wide, reflective eyes and (in DAFFY DUCK AND EGGHEAD, A-LAD-IN BAGDAD and COUNT ME OUT) bowl-cut black hair.
    Both have the huge nose and the Joe Penner voice, but this was intentional—though the two were never seen together, they were originally promoted as brothers. No kidding.

    1970s staff interviews blurred the two together into one, leading to the old-time CW that Egghead became Elmer. But t’ain’t so, McGee.

  • Saturnome

    Very interesting! So they were brothers!

  • Mitch Kennedy

    I Wanna Be A Sailor was one of my favorites as a tot. I haven’t seen it since!

  • dwestburg

    I want to know if anyone has seen the “free gifts” offered on the package. Would be interesting to see how the characters turned out as necklace/bracelet charms.

  • Yes, Egghead and Elmer were different characters, and they may have in fact been brothers. But until someone posts actual proof of them being identified as “brothers”, I will remain dubious on that aspect.

  • Jody Morgan

    I Wanna Be A Sailor was one of my favorites as a tot. I haven’t seen it since!


    Not sure how the quality of that print compares to the dollar DVD that I have, but hopefully it’ll be good enough. “I Wanna Be a Sailor” is one of my favorite ’30s Avery cartoons, so I was tickled to see its star featured, however briefly, in merchandising.

  • These are fantastic!

  • MGH

    There is a promotional item [a napkin] from the early 40’s, that pictures the Elmer Fudd character wearing a small cap, but his name is listed as “DOC”

    There must be at least one expert here who can explain this phenomenon.

  • Joe


    haha, it seems they took Bugs’s “What’s up Doc?” literally.

  • OM

    …”Fluffnums”? “Fluffnums”??

    And to think I believed John K. had cornered the market on lame cartoon characters…:-/