Why Cartoonists Don’t Go Out in Public Much

Something funny for Friday. Australian animator David Blumenstein made this spot for a local Melbourne comic event called Comic Book Funny. David tells me, “I animated it in a day (Wednesday, to be exact).”

  • http://markpudleiner.blogspot.com/ pudleiner

    I love the line: ” That’s not very good….can I have it ? ” … lol :-)

  • malbow

    I’ve been told “hey, you should totally be a drawrer”

  • http://sushixav.blogspot.com/ XAV

    It’s funny to see that geeks during conventions in France are EXACTLY the same…
    I’m sure they have created a worldwide geek secet community o__0

  • top cat james

    re: malbow

    I was once asked, “Why don’t you draw serious comics?”

  • http://dailygrail.com/blog/8389 red pill junkie

    This is gonna be exhibit (A) during your trial, Dave! :-P

  • Charles

    My favorite fan comment is “You’re lucky you don’t have to work because you have talent.”

  • Tom

    I’ve been told that I should draw for

    A) Disney
    B) Garfield
    C) “The newspaper”

    more often than I can count. So annoying.

  • http://www.sitasingstheblues.com/ Nina Paley

    Yes. I could relate to this.

    I got “Garfield” all the time back when I actually went to comic book conventions, which was like 15-20 years ago.

  • http://justforspite.blogspot.com Gene Hole

    SO TRUE!

  • http://crikeyboy.blogspot.com/ Chris Kennett

    Nice job Dave!

  • Keith

    Conventions weren’t so bad, since a lot of people were there specifically to see artist-types. Less “are you a drawrer?” questions, but lots of “Can I have that?” balanced with some actual offers of money in exchange for a sketch.

    This cartoon’s spot-on for several “drawing at a mall/restaurant/whatever” trips I’ve been on. People asking “drawrer” questions, randomly bringing up some relative who “draws really good” and often adding “they draw better than you” if I don’t immediately Ooh and Aah over them having an artist in the family.

  • Nick

    Oh, man I hear that every day when I do caricatures at Knott’s. My favorite one, is when they ask me where the portrait artists are by referring to them as the “real” artists.

  • http://www.cinephobia.com Stephen Rowley

    Any other Australians here wondering if that geek’s voice is Dave O’Neill?

  • http://www.nakedfella.com/ David Blumenstein

    Glad you like it!

    Stephen, that geek’s voice is Ben Hutchings, excellent cartoonist/animator: http://www.hutcho.net/.

  • Azz

    OMG! People I personally know are on Cartoonbrew! I heartily endorse everything they do!

  • yuki

    “That’s not real work” – yeah i get that all the time!

  • http://www.yaytime.com dave roman