Why Cartoonists Don’t Go Out in Public Much Why Cartoonists Don’t Go Out in Public Much

Why Cartoonists Don’t Go Out in Public Much

Something funny for Friday. Australian animator David Blumenstein made this spot for a local Melbourne comic event called Comic Book Funny. David tells me, “I animated it in a day (Wednesday, to be exact).”

  • I love the line: ” That’s not very good….can I have it ? ” … lol :-)

  • malbow

    I’ve been told “hey, you should totally be a drawrer”

  • XAV

    It’s funny to see that geeks during conventions in France are EXACTLY the same…
    I’m sure they have created a worldwide geek secet community o__0

  • top cat james

    re: malbow

    I was once asked, “Why don’t you draw serious comics?”

  • This is gonna be exhibit (A) during your trial, Dave! :-P

  • Charles

    My favorite fan comment is “You’re lucky you don’t have to work because you have talent.”

  • Tom

    I’ve been told that I should draw for

    A) Disney
    B) Garfield
    C) “The newspaper”

    more often than I can count. So annoying.

  • Yes. I could relate to this.

    I got “Garfield” all the time back when I actually went to comic book conventions, which was like 15-20 years ago.

  • SO TRUE!

  • Nice job Dave!

  • Keith

    Conventions weren’t so bad, since a lot of people were there specifically to see artist-types. Less “are you a drawrer?” questions, but lots of “Can I have that?” balanced with some actual offers of money in exchange for a sketch.

    This cartoon’s spot-on for several “drawing at a mall/restaurant/whatever” trips I’ve been on. People asking “drawrer” questions, randomly bringing up some relative who “draws really good” and often adding “they draw better than you” if I don’t immediately Ooh and Aah over them having an artist in the family.

  • Nick

    Oh, man I hear that every day when I do caricatures at Knott’s. My favorite one, is when they ask me where the portrait artists are by referring to them as the “real” artists.

  • Any other Australians here wondering if that geek’s voice is Dave O’Neill?

  • Glad you like it!

    Stephen, that geek’s voice is Ben Hutchings, excellent cartoonist/animator: http://www.hutcho.net/.

  • Azz

    OMG! People I personally know are on Cartoonbrew! I heartily endorse everything they do!

  • yuki

    “That’s not real work” – yeah i get that all the time!

  • HA!