Woody and Popeye Woody and Popeye

Woody and Popeye

Next week the Woody Woodpecker DVD comes out, the following week the Popeye collection goes on sale.

While we wait, here are two recent vintage commercials that didn’t quite make it as bonus material (courtesy of Larry Tremblay).

Woody at Swiss Chalet:

Popeye goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs:

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  • Robert Schaad

    I really like the Woody commercial, as the design harkens back to zany, mid-to-late 40’s Woody. Thanks, Jerry and Larry.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I used to see the Woody/Swiss Chalet ad a lot on the CBC years ago. Was interesting someone remembered him when it came to pimping this Canadian restaurant..

  • Robert Igoe

    So how come Popeye didn’t do his laugh?

  • John A

    So who did the animation for the Woody commercial? Nice work.

    As for the Popeye one, Popeye was off model and out of place. Seems like a real stretch to put him in a Coca Puffs commercial.

  • Richard

    Popeye looks a little bloated (probably it was those Cocoa Puffs).

  • uncle wayne

    Wow!! I briskly wanted to order a “Droolerrrrrr’s Dee-light”….and matching Popeye with Sonny is like….well, like….welllllll…..

  • MrNeilESQ

    I remember the Popeye ad from childhood. It was actually part of a series of two or three serialized commercials as a promotion for the Popeye themed puzzles on the back of the cereal box that would help the viewer “Guess what makes Popeye strong”. Even as a kid I thought that the answer was insultingly obvious. Still, I’d run into the room any time I heard it coming on.

  • http://www.autodaddy.blogspot.com tom

    The Woody commercial reminds me of the Cluckin’ Chicken ad from SNL years ago.


  • http://www.ronimation.com Hulk

    “As for the Popeye one, Popeye was off model”

    hey John A

    I don’t want to pick a fight with you but have you watched the old Fleischer Popeye cartoons? I don’t think the concept of “staying on model” even occured to those guys. That’s part of the reason I love those cartoons so much.

  • Hank

    At least the one-eyed sailor man got to blow some fire out of his corncob pipe. We are lucky that nobody is animating Popeye today in Flash.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > At least the one-eyed sailor man got to blow some fire out of his corncob pipe. We are lucky that nobody is animating Popeye today in Flash.

    There was that one clever parody someone did a few years back I enjoyed so much…

  • http://davidmcg.net/ DavidMcG

    How can it be recent and vintage at the same time?

  • John A

    Hulk, you’re right–there’s off-model and there’s simply poorly drawn. This one is poorly drawn.

  • http://www.ronimation.com Hulk

    Touche’ John A