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“Wünderful Stuff” by Mustashrik Mahbub

Sure is a strange way to sell yogurt – but I’m sold! This new spot for Müller Dairy makes clever use of Yogi Bear, Mr. Men, Kitt (The Knight Rider) and Muttley! Directed by Mustashrik Mahbub for UK’s Partizan Lab.

(Thanks Betsie Beadling, via Facebook)

  • Wow… just… wow!

    This has got to be one of the most strangest and yet coolest way to advertise yogurt.

    • The strangest and coolest way to advertise ANYTHING!!! Bravo!!

  • Michael

    Like Toontown when the wall came down. Exuberant

  • John A

    I don’t get it, but I love it.

  • Agreed – super plus points for the fantastic nostalgia present in the Mr. Men and Yogi’s original styles. WOOT :D

  • This is a really fun commercial that we’ve had on UK tv for the last week or two. I still don’t understand, though, the connection between Yogi, Mutley and the Mr Men with the product. I appreciate that they , and animation, are indeed wonderful but they feel like a somewhat arbitrary choice for the ad. All that aside, it is the best short film / programme on British tv at present :)

  • bob kurtz

    strange, but it made me smile. even though it doesn’t make any sense,i love it.

  • Clint H

    Quite possibly the weirdest thing I’ve seen today…but I still love it!

  • Crazy and Amazing!

  • Iritscen

    And I thought the Japanese were strange.

  • Baron Lego

    “Yogurt contains reality-altering properties: consume at own risk”

  • Confusion

    Muttley is a childhood favourite of mine, so seeing him as part of an ad in an age where he’s really not relevant any longer made me smile.

    It’s a fun ad, in any case, though admittedly the characters they used feel like they were just picked from a hat at random.

  • Sat

    It’s like the marketing team went crazy on the idea that nostalgia sells, went licence shopping like mad men and presented Yogi Bear, Kitt and all that stuff to the creative team, with the notice “you have one week! make something! It’s about yogurt or whatever we sell here! with love, the marketing team”

  • greg m.

    Yeah, that was a strange one indeed! Peter Dodd, Richard Bazely, Teddy Hall and myself animated the handdrawn animation at Partizan in the heart of Soho, London, last month.

    • You guys did Great work!!

      • greg m.


    • They are fantastic!! My congrats, I want more of these. Like Michael said, this is like Toontown… but even better!!

    • Animate ED

      It’s an excellent advert. Peter Dodd is one of my tutors at university, so it’s great to see the work after hearing about it from him.

  • Randy

    Great ad! Strange, but refreshing weirdness and great animation.
    Only thing that would have made it better would to have had Atom Ant carrying out the Yogurt Cup rather than that generic Ant.
    But hey, very cool nonetheless!

  • Kartoonz Kritik

    What the hell did I just watch?
    That was like drinking sweet nectar distilled out of pure love and candy.
    Lots of candy.
    In fact I think I now have a sugar high.

  • Bud

    I’ll have what THEY’RE smoking….

  • Michel Van

    Ultra cool piece of animation

    the German dairy producer Müller, has a long tradition on Animate TV-Ad
    with figure “the Little hunger” but not so impressive like Mustashrik Mahbub work

  • big bad balloon

    Great visual treat!

    Tho the last 25 seconds sound like a rip-off of Williams’ Superman theme song.

  • Kitt is spelled with 2 Ts. <— is a fan ;__;

  • Toonio

    Wacky, cartoony, effective…

  • Made me wish the Yogi Bear movie movie had looked like that….

  • As nice as the animation is, it shouldn’t be forgotten that Müller Milch and its business practices are highly controversely discussed in Germany. See the german wikipedia for some details: http://bit.ly/p0cShJ

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Trippy but fun!

  • The business people being turned into fruit flavor characters: they look a lot like animated characters in 1960’s or early 70’s advertising. I recall the product was likely a competitor of Koolaid, but not completely sure. It seems like there was a Grapy Grape, and he had a cowboy hat.

    The ad concept seems logical; the logic from eating several blotter squares of Window Pane. How nice to see old hippies off the leash – in advertising.

    • Sat

      The “fruit flavor characters” are Mr.Men, from children books created by Roger Hargreaves. Makes even less sense that way!

  • AaronSch

    Truly “wünderful” stuff” indeed!

    It may be weird, but it is memorable. And the product, Müller Yogurt, doesn’t get lost in the execution. Creativity often leads to “style over substance” and the message is often obscured. However, the makers of this advertisement struck the right balance and the message is indelible.

  • I like it, but don’t understand it. Why is Knight Rider in it?

  • tonma

    This is so insane it could be Japanese! (no offense to the guys, but you know their ads) I really enjoyed it!

  • Shannon Lee

    That was one epic yogurt commercial….HEARTS!

  • Glowworm

    Wow–I don’t know what the heck they were on when they created that ad. Once that weird robot showed up, I knew this was going to be trippy.

  • So the weird mixed metaphor trend in UK ads from a couple of years ago is back with an added twist of ‘just license literally whatever we can afford and we’ll see what we can do with it”…

  • MarcK

    oh MAN that yogurt would solve all of my problems!