Animated Fragments #11 Animated Fragments #11
Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #11

Cel Shading Experiment with Particular by Mattias Peresini (France)

History of Graphic Design Avant Garde by Minji Aye Hong (US)

Bacon Bros by Timothy Merks (Australia)

Roaster by Blobby Barack (France)

LeMob studio promo clip by Bart Wasem (Switzerland)

  • Timothy Merks is Australian! It was made for Melbourne animation event Loop De Loop.

    Well done Timothy! You’re loop is very funny.

  • amid

    Thanks for pointing that out, Ivan. I’ve fixed the post.

  • Thanks for posting my vid! Oh and thanks Ivan, I love what you guys are doing at Rubberhouse.

  • Justin

    Favorite thing you guys do here!

  • loveloveLOVE Le Mob short!!! Great collage/cut-out art direction and the snappy, overshoots.

  • JG

    These are pure joy!

    (Love the fragments posts very much. Thank you!)