Animated Fragments #12 Animated Fragments #12
Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #12

Drawn Animation for Chris Milk’s interactive video “Three Dreams of Black” by Anthony Schepperd (US)

Brainflow by Fiorella Pierini (UK)

Jumpman by Denis Borisovich (Russia)

Hawaï Fish by Laurent Clermont (Sweden)

Droppp by Hajime Nagatsuka (Japan)

  • Three Dreams of Black. Beautiful.

    • NC

      That’s not even the half of it. If you have Google Chrome check out the full music video. Not only is the animation and art incredible but the whole thing is absolutely revolutionary.

  • Mike

    The Three Dreams of Black one is incredible! Stunning!!

  • An incredible amount of work being done right now!

    ‘Three Dreams of Black’ does indeed look great, but Laurent’s kooky fish cycle should not be overlooked either.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a ping pong tournament to make.

  • This is seriously the best feature on the Brew. Please keep hosting these fun clips!