Animated Fragments #13 Animated Fragments #13
Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #13

In addition to the usual mix, there’s a few holiday-themed greeting cards in this edition of Animated Fragments. If you’ve made your own animated greeting card, send it over and we’ll devote the next Fragments to your cards.

Mpora Gear (Intro) by Raoul Paulet (UK)

Suspect Logo Animation by Taili Wu (US)

“Work in Progress: Swimmy Test” by Chris Harding (US)

Happy Holidays by Koji Nakagawa (Japan)

2011 Plymptoons Holiday Card by Bill Plympton (US)

XMas Card 2011 by Jacques Khouri (US)

  • Chris Harding’s SWIMMY TEST rocks the pants off my pants. Love that.

    • EXACT. same. thought.

      • amid

        If this world worked correctly, somebody would be paying Chris to create animation full-time. His animation has a natural, appealing sense of motion that is rare. Click on the tag for his name — I’ve been singing his praises on here since 2004!