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Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #17

Think Brilliance by Diego De la Rocha (Canada): “This is my animation final project from Vancouver Film School. Shot #1 (Head Title Sequence–Stop Motion / Cloth, strings, cardboards & maple leaves); Shot #2 (CG Lightbulb–Maya 2011/ Zbrush/ Photoshop/ Nuke/ Premiere Pro)”

Futile Devices–Kickers by Nicolas Ménard (Canada): “A series of 6 five seconds kickers made in Denis Dulude’s class at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)”

God and Money by Philip Vose (US): “Finished in just under five days for my church as an intro to a short series topic of God and money.”

Embroidered Dog Animation–Front and Back by Aubrey Longley-Cook (US)
Running Dog
Running Dog

(NSFW) Twenty Four Hour Woman by Scott Lenhardt (US): “Celebrating the women who make the world go around.”

PHONO – a Sound Creature by Lucas Zanotto (Italy/Germany): “Sound creatures are imaginary beings, a collection started and maintained by composer & sound designer David Kamp in the name of science.”

(Futile Devices via Drawn)

  • jerome

    The cartoony fuidity of “Think Brilliance” is absolutely amazing… Reminds me of the work from Meindbeinder studio… You can check some making of at

  • The embroidery animation is pretty fascinating… and here I thought I was hot stuff sewing together a hole in my favorite t-shirt. Awesome and inspiring work.

  • I think I’d be most interested in that “God & Money” short.

  • Mike

    I really like almost all of these, expcept there’s something about that PHONO one that’s really jarring and bothers me.

  • Mahesh

    Holy crap, that embroidered dog is awesome.

  • oh my goodness, LOVE that dog embroidery.

  • Justin Delbert

    The embroidered dog is playing mind tricks in my head. how do they do it?

  • reza

    the back side of the embroidered dog loop is the shit!

  • Bugsmer

    I’m currently embroidering something and it takes a lot of time, an unbelievable amount of time just to do a single picture. Can you imagine sewing many such pictures, many of them very similar in nature, and then…what? Take a photograph of each picture and then, on a computer or film, make it into an animated drawing? Maybe you could make an embroidered flip book, but it wouldn’t be the same. To top it all off, the entirety of the picture has been filled in with thread–even the background! Do you know how much thread and how much time that must have taken? At least, it would have taken a long time by hand. I hear that there are sewing machines with an embroidery function, but I’ve never actually seen it being done. Would an artist really trust such intricate work as embroidery to a machine? However the artist did it, Great Work! I can’t stop looking at it, it has been done so well.

  • God and Money was really nice :)

  • Phono looks to be a puppet on a string, sped up.

    I’m in awe of the patience behind the dog.

  • Jon H

    I really liked the God and money one, although the end kind of killed it when the words popped up and spelled out the most on the head imagery imaginable. Too many people can’t expect their audience to fill in even the smallest of gaps, but I guess it does make sense as an opening for a sermon rather than as a stand alone piece.