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Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #24

Interesting animation is being produced everywhere you look nowadays. This evening, we’re delighted to present animated fragments from six different countries: Chile, Iran, Ireland, US, Japan and Spain. For more, visit the Animated Fragments archive.

“Lollypop Man—The Escape” (work-in-progress) by Estudio Pintamonos (Chile)

“Bazar” by Mehdi Alibeygi (Iran)

“Time” by Max Halley (Ireland)

Hand-drawn development animation for Wreck-It Ralph to “explore animation possibilities before [Gene’s] model and rig were finalised” by Sarah Airriess (US)

“Rithm loops” for an iPhone/iPad app by AllaKinda (Spain)

“Against” by Yukie Nakauchi (Japan)

  • steepertree

    “Bazar” caught me by surprise. Well done.

  • altanimation altan

    The rhythm loops are amazing and is an interesting concept

  • mick

    nice all around but allakinda continue to be my most favouritist fellas in the whole animation playground

  • Henry Cohn

    My god that Mehdi Alibeygi has some really good stuff.

  • frendly annon

    lollypop man! wow!

  • Strong Enough