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Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #25

This marks the 25th installment of our popular feature “Animated Fragments.” To see them all, visit the Fragments archive.

“704 frames” by Josep Bernaus (UK)

“360 Flip” by ‎Evan Red Borja (US)

“The Jolly Dot” by Mikey Please and Dan Ojari (UK): “A bromantic love letter to three of our cultural heroes as a way of celebrating Richard Williamʼs 80th, Ivor Cutlerʼs 90th and Norman McLarenʼs would-be centennial birthday.”

“Moon Animation Test” by Sébastien Rouxel (France)

Nightclub Test Scene by Marcus Armitage (UK)

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  • coffgac

    love the moon animation test

  • alt animation podcast

    This is one of my favorite running articles you guys put out

  • George Comerci

    Wish you guys would do more of these :D

  • GW

    I like The Jolly Dot and Moon Animation Test. That Ivor Cutler song in Jolly Dot is fantastic.

  • Luke

    Moon test was AMAZING. Such great timing and fluid animation!