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Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #26

Animated Fragments is where we round up animation tests, experiments, micro-shorts, and other bits of cartoon flotsam that doesn’t fit into other categories on the site. To view the previous 25 fragment installments, go to the Fragments archive.

“Tha Kool Kids” by Shaz Lym (Canada)

Animation cycle by Jenn Strickland (US)

“For Agile Films” by 2veinte (Argentina)
Directed and designed by Pablo Gostanian, animation by Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga

Animafest Zagreb 2014 Opening by Lei Lei (China)

“Justin Time” animated by Ross Butter and written by Thomas Ridgewell (UK)

“Gator Skater” animated by Nate Milton and written by Brett Land (US)
(See also Dog Skateboard)

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Shaz is insanely good.

  • Meg

    Awesome/Amazing artists! :)

  • mick

    Jenn Strickland for the gold says me… I know it isn’t a contest but it’s bloody marvellous isn’t it

  • Funkybat

    Nice to see these bits and clips. I’ve been seeing a lot of collections of random cool stuff on tumblr, but I don’t care for tumblr’s interface, so it’s cool to see some here.

    I think it’s kind of funny how animated GIFs have undergone a revival of interest in the past few years. What was originally a fun cheap trick 20 years ago (back when “streaming video” was only a crackhead’s fever dream) has turned into a great small-scale medium for some excellent animated art.

  • teawalk

    cool stuff from amazing artist! really inspiring!