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Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #27

Animated Fragments is where we round up animation tests, experiments, micro-shorts, and other bits of cartoon flotsam that don’t fit into other categories on the site. To view the previous 26 fragment installments, go to the Fragments archive.

“Malevich at Tate Modern” Trailer by Emmanuelle Walker (UK)

Meanwhile on Channel X… by Oli Putland (UK)

Rigging Reel by Aurélien Cova (France)

Gumball sequence for the episode “The Kids” by CRCR (France)

“Hunimation: Hungarian Animation Goes To Japan” trailer for Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2014 by Milán Kopasz (Hungary)

“I decided to make a stop motion with one of my favorite technique: Puppetoons. This is a Hungarian invention by George Pal from the 1930s. Basically it means that all the phases produced individually, in this case more than 200 objects. For making this all I used wood, so I carved the different objects.”

  • confused

    People always gush over the likes of Adventure Time and Steven Universe here, but I feel Gumball tends to be a severely under-rated show. They’re constantly using their unique visual style for all sorts of clever gags, especially season 2 onwards, and they go the extra mile when they bust out stuff like the musical number above.

    • zoozoo

      I agree. I have always really enjoyed Gumball.

    • blandyblottschalk

      Gumball is certainly Cartoon Network’s most visually interesting daytime show. It is like visual design porn.

    • Jake Annan

      I agree Gumball is the best.

  • alt animation podcast

    I love animated fragments!

  • J.K. Riki

    Agreed, 100%!