Animated Fragments #9 Animated Fragments #9
Animated Fragments

Animated Fragments #9

Songkran Festival Greeting by The Commonist (Malaysia/Thailand)

Timmy the Watermelon by Stephen Neary and Connie Li Chan (US)

Rough Animation Test for Mayor Shelbourne by Chris Williams (US). “Early performance test I animated for the Mayor in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This is unfinished and is still quite rough in terms of timing and lip sync, but it gives you an idea of where we were heading.”

Hero Bird by Thomas Knowler (UK)

Money Don’t Cry by Gevorg Ghaplanyan (Armenia)

Berdoo by Miranda Tacchia (US)

  • LOL the last one by Miranda Tacchia is hilarious! great timing.
    btw how do you get these shorts? do they send it to you?

    • amid

      A handful are suggested, but the majority of the fragments are pieces that I find while browsing around. That’s part of the fun of compiling them.

    • Miranda

      Thank you!