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Bob Camp Remembers Me!

Since May, Jason Anders has been interviewing some the best artists working in animation on his Fulle Circle Productions blog. Bookmark this one. He’s just posted a chat with Bob Camp, and Bob was nice enough to recall the crazy days (circa 1989-90) when he shared an office space with me, John K. and Carl Macek. Imagine that! (Strange, but true – Lynne Naylor and Jim Smith were also crammed in there with us). Check out the interview here. And check out Camp’s own blog, loaded with his amazing artwork.

  • James R.

    Bob Camp is one of the good ones.

  • Stephen DeStefano

    Pretty good room to have been the proverbial “fly on the wall”.

  • Wow. That’s an eclectic group of people! BTW, I just discovered Lynne’s artwork, very cool indeed.

  • Joe Dante

    Bob did some terrific storyboards and gags for LTBIA, almost none of which were used, since the majority of the scenes he worked on were jettisoned along the way by the Brain Trust in their quest to produce the blandest product possible. Still I always looked forward to and enjoyed my trips to what Eric Goldberg and I considered the real creative center of the project. Glad to see Bob thriving!