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A Chat with UP Production Design Ricky Nierva

Ricky Nierva

Spline Doctors, one of the smartest animation podcasts around, has finally released a new episode, and the guest is UP production designer Ricky Nierva. I haven’t had a moment to listen to it yet, but I understand that Nierva speaks at length about his relationship with Maurice Noble. Can’t wait to hear it.

  • Isaac

    The show is excellent, thanks for pointing it out.

  • great interview

  • Kyle Maloney

    loved his impression of Brad’s impression of him.

    “this suuucks, but tell me how much you looove it”

  • Chris D

    What I loved the most in this interview was his relationship with Maurice Noble. He learned a lot about animation, yes, but the things that stuck out in his mind the most were the life lessons he learned. That right there is the true knowledge and wisdom passed from generation to generation. It just so happens he learned it from Maurice; that just makes even more special.

    Also very cool to hear about Brad Birdman and his impression. I chuckled.

  • I am looking SO forward to sitting down this evening to listen to this while I draw… Been lookin’ forward to it! :)

  • For anyone in Vancouver (or who wants to visit), Ricky Nierva will be a presenter for the second Spark Animation festival Sept 16-20. More details coming soon.

  • greg m.

    Brad Bird… …he’s so 2007.


    Alright, just kidding!

    Love Ricky’s work!! Awesome guy!

  • Ricky,

    I was an English TA when you were at Morse. I am now the lead teacher of the ArtsTECH Academy at University City High.

    I was wondering if you could provide any advice to budding Pixar employees. One of our alumni is entering her third year at Cal Arts, and several upcoming seniors are looking that way as well. Please advise when you have time.


    John Middleton
    Lead Teacher, ArtsTECH
    [email protected]

    P.S. I went to Bell with Gemma