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Abe Levitow website

Abe Levitow drawing

Roberta, Judy and Jon Levitow have created a new website devoted to their father, Abe Levitow.

Levitow, a largely overlooked figure in American animation, is best known for his work under (as animator), and alongside (as co-director), Chuck Jones. He later became an animation director (Mr.Magoo’s Christmas Carol, Gay Purr-ee) and an associate of Richard Williams.

Trailer above contains scenes from Levitow’s classic Magoo’s Christmas Carol (1962) and the NBC primetime series, The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo (1964). For more about Abe Levitow, go visit the site!

  • It’s a wonderful site with incredible Levitow drawings & photos. Very highly recommended!!!

  • Chuck R.

    Very nice stuff. What a great tribute his kids have given him!

    He admittedly owes a great debt to Chuck Jones, but he learned well from a true master. Those publicity drawings (esp. Claude Cat and Wile E, Coyote) are fantastic —thanks for the post!

  • Steve G

    Mr Magoo’s Christmas carol _ hands done the best adaptation made.

  • Bill Perkins

    Terrific Site and great visuals. Abe Levitow was the guiding hand behind work that had a great impact on the boomers, want to be animators. Magoo’s Christmas carol – I had a punch out book and the drawings were mesmerizing – for me it was one of those early moments of thinking “I’d like to do this” and as well “Gay Puree” was incredible from a visual stand point. This site is full of material and the kind of images that drew me (pardon the pun) to the business at a very young age and I’m assuming many others. We lost him far to soon and its great to see a site honouring a man who made significant contributions to animation.

  • Bugs Bunny

    Abe was one of the greats. His animation on “What’s Opera Doc” made it a classic. And that blind bat Magoo reached his career apex in Abe’s “Magoo’s Christmas Carol.” A class act.

  • Gerry Mandel

    I don’t know if this site is still active. I hope so. I worked with Abe many years ago, when I was a creative director at Gardner Advertising in St. Louis. I am in the process of selling some art/prints/etc, and came across an animation cell, signed to me by Abe. I believe it’s from Richard Williams’ Christmas Carol. I remember Abe as being one of the nicest people I had worked with in the business, and also one of the most talented. Please let me know if anyone would be interested in purchasing the cell. Thank you. It’s Scrooge in bed, overhead shot, with covers pulled up around his neck. It’s in excellent shape.