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Adventure Time T-Shirts


UPDATE: More details about new Adventure Time merchandise here.

I was a fan of Pen Ward’s warped cartoon genius before I saw his two incredible Random Cartoons: Adventure Time and The Bravest Warriors. I have no idea when this series of cartoons will air on Nickelodeon (I’d assume they’ll show up sometime this year, considering they got a four page spread in the Nicktoons book), but while we wait, Ward has started marketing Adventure Time with a series of tee shirts based on the short.

Ward had a bunch of good ideas for the tees (12 in all) and is making a different one available each week on Cafe Press. Collect them all! The whole set will be posted on Channel Frederator Raw as they are produced.

  • Algebraic!

  • Gobo

    And now it’s been removed from Google Video; I wonder if that bodes ill or well for Adventure Time? I would LOVE to see that as a series.

  • Adventure Time was classic. I didn’t know about The Bravest Warriors!

  • Argh, gutted that I’ve missed that first one already! Man, I LOVE Adventure Time…

  • Gobo: You can still see it on YouTube.

  • I loved adventure time! Those shirts are way cool. I’ll have to check them all out!

  • I STILL quote that short to this day! I definitely need to buy one of these shirts. Gotta’ send Pen as much support as we can!

  • Those t-shirts are pretty neat.
    Andrew Dickman, who created Ivan the Unbearable, says the show will probably air this year on the Nicktoons Network.

  • Mr. Semaj

    When was Nick supposed to air Random Cartoons?

  • Yeah Pen, great job on this short! Super entertaining and fun! I hope through merchandising you can show that you’ve got the support to drive a show.

  • how do you know when adventure time comes on because i would like to know because i am a big fan of adventure time so any time soon could you please please please tell me

  • Jessica

    how much are these ?!

  • Brandi

    Where so I have to go to purchase these t-shirts?????